Sensitive Skin Safety Razor Solution?

Sensitive Skin Safety Razor Solution?

Jeffery - England, 20 June 2012.

Q: After years of using disposable razors and electrics that don't last I have decided to buy a safety razor. I have quite sensitive skin and therefore want something as least aggressive as possible. I want a clean shave over a close shave.

A: Your sensitive skin problem is most likely due to you using disposable razors and an electric razor which can inflict real damage to your skin.


Opt for a German made, Muhle R89 which is especially suitable for those new to double edge (DE) Safety Razor shaving. The R89 will give a close yet very comfortable shave. It's an easy razor to master as it's balanced so very well.

Feather DE Razor Blades are very sharp indeed, I would recommend them as they need less passes to remove the stubble and less passes means less irritation. Feather Blades are very long lasting and cheap at only £3.50 for ten, most guys get between 6-8 very good, comfortable shaves from one blade.

No matter how good the razor and blades are they need help, a good cream and a brush are absolutely essential. Claus Porto Musgo Real Shaving creams from Portugal are top sellers; they contain no harmful ingredients, it lasts for ages, it's cheap to buy and it provides excellent lubrication to aid razor glide so the blade does not 'dig in' to your skin while shaving.

Our own brand Shaving Brush is highly recommended, we've put our name to this brush and we're very protective towards our good name. This brush is expertly made and uses a very high quality synthetic hair.

Soothe the skin after shaving to reduce any minor irritation and redness and to restore moisture to the skin. Go for Audaca Soothe After Shave Balm. This soother dries in quickly and leaves the skin nourished and cooled with no oily residue.

Jeffery, technique is everything. After washing the face with hot water, shave with the grain twice and against the grain once for a close shave, apply very little pressure on the razor - the weight of the head should provide almost all the pressure required. Take your time, learn how to DE shave. Only use sharp blades.

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