Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Sales Explosion

Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor Sales Explosion

The Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

Sales of the Merkur 33C Safety Razor Double Edge Razor have increased dramatically since January 2010. While it's true that sales for all Merkur Double Edge Safety Razors have increased significantly by around 30% during 2010, sales for the Merkur 33C Classic have increased by almost 120% during the same period. 

So Why The Sudden Increase in Sales of the Merkur 33C Classic?

Well apart from the fact that this beauty is absolutely stunning to look at and a wonder of German engineering...... there is a welcome trend for men returning to traditional wet shaving and more men than ever have woken up to the Great Razor Blade Rip Off whereby you buy a new style multi blade razor for pennies but spend £14.00 or more monthly buying replacement blades that last three or four days before they become a danger to your skin.

The German Made (quality assured) Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor is a funky looking Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor that uses all safety razor replacement blades which are extremely economical to buy, last longer than modern multi blade cartridges and are so much kinder to your skin.

OK, So What Else And Why Is It Called The Classic 33C?

The Merkur 33C Classic Double Edge Safety Razor uses the same head as the Merkur Heavy Duty 34C but comes with a slightly lighter handle. The Classic in the title, in my opinion refers to:

Classic German 'Made in Solingen' German quality

Classic close shave capability

Classic retro good looks

Changing Blades Is A Hassle - No Way!

Changing blades is easy with the Merkur 33C, simply turn the knurled handle anti clockwise, lift the head off, remove / drop in the blade and screw back together. Simple, Quick and Safe.

Anything Else?

The knurled handle provides a perfect grip while the weight of the 33C is expertly balanced to enable the perfect Merkur shave. The handle is 65 mm long and 10 mm diameter.

Men that appreciate good engineering and like to feel something substantial in their hand while shaving will love the Merkur 33c. Manufactured by Merkur Stahlwaren in Solingen, Germany, who have for many years manufactured the finest razors and grooming accessories, using only the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship.

Buy your Merkur 33C online, click here.

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