Ladies Let's Talk... About Why We Should Use Safety Razors!

Ladies Let's Talk... About Why We Should Use Safety Razors!

Kinder to the Planet

This is hugely important for environmentally conscious babes out there! By using a safety razor, you are helping to reduce hundreds of thousands plastic waste every year. Safety razors can last generations meaning that you are cutting out on throwing away a plastic razor after every use! It’s estimated that 2 billion razors are thrown away every year which is causing huge damage to our planet.

The blades in your safety razor are made of stainless steel and there are two environmental benefits to this - there is no wasted plastic casing on the blade and they are fully recyclable. We even stock a range of blade banks that you pop your used blades into and then both the bank and used blades can be recycled.

You also will not find our shaving creams or soaps in any nasty aerosol bottles - so all of us enviro warriors can do a small happy dance!

Kinder to your Purse

It’s not just plastic you are throwing away - you are throwing away your money too! The initial outlay on a safety razor is more than popping to your local high street store and picking up a packet of disposables however, long-term, the savings are great. A packet of 10 Personna safety razor blades costs as little as £3.50 - meaning each blade only costs 35p and will last you around 5 shaves.

Your razor handle will last you years too, so you won’t be replacing this every time!

Kinder to your Skin

Cartridge razors are designed to cut the hair slightly below the surface of your skin which is what causes irritation and ingrown hairs. The single blade in the safety razor achieves a close, kind shave at the surface of the skin - so you can kiss goodbye to constant razor burn!

Shaving gel provides little to no protection to your skin so ditching this along with the cartridge razors will soon see your legs glowing. Using shaving cream or shaving soap provides a rich, protective lather and you will see a tub last you a lot longer than a can of gel. We all love a little self-care these days and shaving with a safety razor is the epitome of this!

You can check out the ladies section on our website where you will everything you need to get started!

As well as this you can find our series “Ladies Let’s Talk” over on YouTube and Instagram where I will talk to you about all things wet shaving and my own experience! We have also created a private facebook group "Ladies Let's Talk... About Wet Shaving" - this is a place for us all to get together, ask questions, get advice etc! 


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