A Review: The Genesis OneBlade Razor

A Review: The Genesis OneBlade Razor

A Review: The Genesis OneBlade Razor

Executive Shaving has been appointed sole UK agents for OneBlade Razor.
OneBlade Razor kindly donated a Genesis razor for us to try out and therefore be able to talk to customers with first-hand knowledge about how the razor shaves.
The Genesis is a Single Edge Razor (SE) designed for men and was launched recently. 

The OneBlade Genesis SIngle Edge Stainless Steel Razor

The OneBlade Genesis is the brainchild of an American financial publisher called Porter Stansberry. Porter had enjoyed a cut throat razor shave from a barber in Italy so much he wanted to replicate the experience and results but in a modern day, new way, that delivered a very comfortable shaving experience. Porter went to a New York design house called Pensa and after a year of research, design and testing the Genesis was born. Since then it has undergone at least one redesign but the version that’s available now is the final version.

One advantage of the Genesis is that it only uses one replacement blade; a single edge replacement blade is best for a comfortable shave, preventing ingrown hairs and post shave irritation.

I’m the oldest man here so on the basis of age seniority, I nabbed the Genesis and I’ve now used it five times. The first time I was sporting a three-day stubble. Now, my stubble is tough, also being 61 my skin is now thinner than it used to be so this was an ideal scenario for the Genesis to show me what it can do. To keep the trail shaves consistent I have only used Executive Shaving Citrus Kiss Shaving Cream with no pre-shave treatment. I used the same blade for four shaves and a new blade this morning.

The first thing you notice about the Genesis is the stunning design it’s like nothing else out there. The razor is made from ultra-high-grade German stainless steel with a military-grade PVD coating. The finish on the stand matches the finish on the razor. Designed for men and women, the razor is hefty at 90g but it’s so well balanced that it feels light and just right in the hand. You’ll also notice the pivoting head which works much the same way as a Gillette Mach3/Gillette Fusion and many other cartridge razors. However, unlike any cartridge razor I have used, when shaving I didn’t notice the head pivoting with the contours of my face, that’s not say it didn’t move but I was unaware of any pivoting movement. The pressure needed to pivot the head is more than a cartridge razor needs. This feature will provide reassurance to users of cartridge razors knowing that there is a safety mechanism in place if they apply too much pressure when shaving.

It was ever so easy to find the correct shaving angle, some audible feedback helped. I shaved using the same technique as I use with my go-to safety razors a Merkur 34c and a Muhle Rocca, short strokes, applying little pressure on a base of rich and creamy shaving lather. I shave with the grain on my neck and across the grain on my face before shaving against the grain on face and neck, I always need a further pass under my jawline from ear to chin both sides. This only takes me 8 minutes each morning.

The first time I used my Genesis I had a three-day stubble, the Genesis coped effortlessly with my tough bristles, had I taken a little more time and been more thorough I reckon I could have gotten away with one pass which would have left me closely shaved. But I followed my usual two and a half pass shaving routine and the results were astonishingly good. Even my problem areas which are under my nose and my chin were closely shaved with absolutely zero nicks and zero irritation. I had to lift the handle at a weird upright angle to shave under my nostrils but I’ve had to do that with every safety razor I’ve used to get the results I need.

Experienced wet shavers will know that your shave will only be as good as the blade that’s in the razor, the Genesis is only compatible with Japanese made Feather FHS-10 spineless one edge replacement blades), which for me is no hardship, Feather make the sharpest blades, the sharper a blade is the better for the user as less passes are needed for a close shave and fewer passes leads to less irritation. OneBlade say each blade is good for 1-4 shaves. I used the first blade four times and the results were very good indeed. I reckon I could have squeezed another shave from the blade and still have achieved decent results. Maybe the guys at OneBlade have very tough bristles?

Who is the OneBlade razor for?

  • Anyone who has used a safety razor will appreciate how easy and intuitive shaving with the Genesis is. No new skills are required.
  • Men who currently use cartridge blades and are looking to get better results.
  • Men who want to save money and are fed up of the inflated prices of cartridge blades.
  • Men who want the very best and appreciate Rolex, Aston Martin, Saville Row, fine wines and suchlike will appreciate the amazing results, outstanding build quality and fabulous design of the Genesis.
  • Men who want to buy one razor that’ll last a lifetime and more.
  • Men who suffer from ingrown hairs, sensitive skin and post shave irritation.
  • Men who just want to get a close, comfortable shave and enjoy shaving again.

Believe me, the Genesis is the best razor I have ever used, in my ten years here I have used vintage gems like the Fatboy, the Slim, Hoffritz and Aristocrat and modern-day Feather, Merkur, Timor and Muhle razors, all are very good but none compare to the overall brilliance of the Genesis.

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