6 Essential Summer Men’s Shaving & Grooming & Travel Items

6 Essential Summer Men’s Shaving & Grooming & Travel Items

Here are my 6 Summer Essentials that every well-groomed man should have.

Saponificio Varesino Black Exfoliating Soap Bar
I love being in the sunshine and I always use a sun cream. Some creams are difficult to wash off but this exfoliating soap bar removes sun cream better than any product I’ve used. Additionally, it gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. Ideal too as a pre-shave soap, it softens the bristles leading to a close and comfortable shave.

Muhle Synthetic Fibre Travel Shaving Brush
For travelling you need lightweight items, this ingeniously designed shaving brush benefits from super-soft synthetic bristles that dry almost immediately after use. The knot of bristles unscrews and you place it into the hollow handle when not in use. Being synthetic this brush will not smell, it won’t shed hair and it’s 100% vegan, animal-friendly.

Proraso Cologne Infused Wipes
Travelling can be sticky and pretty unhygienic too at times. These wet wipes are infused with Proraso’s lovely Azur Lime scent which instantly refreshes and cleanses. Use on hands and face.

Executive Shaving Safety Razor & Shaving Brush Travel Kit

If you use a safety razor, this set is ideal for men on the move. A travel size safety razor and a synthetic bristle shaving brush compactly secured in a nylon-lined case. It’s ever so practical and lightweight.

Executive Shaving Intense Moisturising Balm

Air travel takes its toll on the skin, the air-con in planes can be fiercely dry and your skin may feel tight after a flight lasting 2 hours or more. It makes sense to freshen up when you can and moisturise your skin. You’ll feel better for it. This balm is also wonderfully effective as an after-sun soother and moisturiser.

Taylor Sandalwood Travel Shaving Cream
This is one of the all-time classic shaving creams, it has a real old school, retro scent and it delivers excellent skin protection. Size 60ml tub.

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