They're here Simpson Vulfix Synthetic Shaving Brushes!

After many months of waiting, we finally got our hands on some Simpson Vulfix Synthetic Hair Shaving Brushes.
These brushes have only been available in the USA - until now!
Let me tell you the wait was worth it, these brushes are immense on every level.
Vulfix Synthetic fibre shaving brushesThere are three sizes, small, medium and large; my take on this is they should be called medium, large and very large (refer to size chart below).
What strikes you immediately about these brushes apart from their size is their beauty, they are perfectly shaped and the fibre hairs look very much like real badger hair.
Each brush is finished in a traditional faux ivory colour.
The fibre hairs are as soft as the top-selling Muhle synthetic hair brushes yet they are very densely packed which means they have real backbone, not too much but enough to easily lather up a hard shaving soap.
Each brush has a lathe turned and polished handle with the Vulfix Old Original Shaving Brush Company in words in the black coloured Vulfix logo, on the back of the brush are the words Hand Made Synthetic Bristle Great Britain.

Size Guide

  Small Medium Large
knot 25mm 25mm 30mm
handle lenght 40mm 45mm 50mm
loft 55mm 60mm 65mm


Small Medium Large
£25.00 £30.00 £40.00 customers can buy in various currencies including the Euro and US $.
So, how do they perform? I bought myself a medium size brush and used it to lather up Taylors Peppermint shaving cream (great cream by the way), the brush soaks water up more than I expected despite flicking excess off, my lather was too runny so I started again, this time flicking the brush twice. That did the trick, it effortlessly lathered up the cream and wow, that softness on the face from the tips of the hairs was sensational.
I then tried it out on Arran Aromatics Driftwood hard shaving soap, the brush excelled itself lathering this soap, it delivered the best lather I have ever had from a hard soap.
The brush held lather better than some expensive silvertip brushes I've used over the years, easily more than enough for four passes if I needed that many.

There is definitely a growing market for synthetic shaving fibre brushes, more and more buyers don't want animal hair on their face for ethical and religious reasons.
Until now Muhle has benefitted from a relatively rival free market, the entry of Simpson / Vulfix into this market is a major and very welcome game changer. These brushes are great value for money and they perform wonderfully and all from a long established British company who still make their brushes the traditional way.

Written by Brian Mulreany, Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
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