Cut Throat Razor Restoration Service

Where can I get my cut throat razor sharpened?

We get asked this question at least once every single day.

The answer is send your razor to Mark Odams of Razor Guy UK (

Mark is a working barber with a salon in Nottingham, England, who also offers the following services:
- Vintage Cut Throat Razor restoration
- New razor honing and stropping to ‘100% shave ready’ condition
- Fitting new scales to cut throat razors

Brand new razors from Thiers-Issard, Dovo and Revisor and others passed the ‘hanging hair test’ before they left the workshop. According to them they are then deemed ’shave ready’. However, in some cases an additional, light honing and or, stropping of the blade can take the performance of the razor to a new level. This is where Mark’s experience and skill can pay huge dividends.

Vintage Cut Throat razors are usually in need of honing and stropping and often new scales as well, generally these razors are made from very high quality steel and can be brought back to life by Mark.

We have seen many razors over the years that have been damaged by inexperienced users honing sometimes very expensive razors and completely ruining the cutting edge. Honing is a skill that needs to be learned and frankly, some guys will never get the hang of it.  We recommend that you send your razor to Mark annually as you would have your car serviced by a qualified mechanic, thereafter for the next year or so all that is required is stropping.

How to contact Mark:
T: 07592 303 517

Note: Executive Shaving will not accept any liability for razors sent to Razor Guy UK for restorative work, the contract will be between you and Razor Guy UK.

Written by Brian Mulreany, Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
T: 0141 880 3040 (0044 141 880 3040)

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