Marfin Handmade Italian Briarwood & Silvertip Shaving Brushes

Now and again a product comes to our attention and we feel it would sit well in our portfolio of luxury shaving and grooming items like the Dalvey stainless steel shaving bowl and Castle Forbes amazing cologne’s.
The Marfin range of badger hair shaving brushes are the absolute best, most luxurious shaving brushes we have ever come across, indeed they’re like nothing else out there. Each brush is a unique work of art in its own right.
Marfin is taken from the Christian name and surname of the artisan craftsman Marco Finardi who brings these brushes to life from blocks of wood to the gorgeous creations that adorn our website.

Handmade from Italian Plateau Briarwood and Silvertip badger hair, each brush is numbered and stamped with the Marfin logo. If that’s not enough, each brush comes with a certificate of authenticity that’s signed personally by Marco. The finishing touch on the certificate is a red coloured wax seal adorned with the Marfin elephant logo. The brush and certificate are contained within a smart brown coloured Marfin branded presentation box that features an embossed real gold leaf adornment.
The presentation of a luxury item is often overblown and frivolous, lulling the buyer into a sense of anticipation that frequently lets you down when you actually try the product. This is not the case with a Marfin brush; these brushes live up to the hype, they are everything that is promised. Marfin brushes are the perfect combination of style and substance. Marco’s brushes are big and bold, some show exposed root in all its knurly glory and others have a textured or combed finish. Irrespective each are unique.

A Marfin brush demands to be used daily. The silvertip hair although very soft on the face will last many years if looked after properly. The wood has been treated to remain waterproof throughout its life.

Marco is an interesting guy, he is from Lombardy, Italy and he studied Greek, Latin, history, philosophy and he obtained a diploma in piano before studying law. Marco didn’t graduate as a lawyer; describing studying law as “nonsense”. Next stop for Marco was journalism with La Provincia newspaper and then he founded his own graphic design studio and publishing business. Like U2, Marco still hadn’t found what he was looking for until he decided to combine three of the passions of his life; these passions are traditional wet shaving, smoking pipes and woodcraft.

Here’s what Marco has to say about the actual process of making a Marfin shaving brush.
“I personally travel to Tuscany where the finest Italian Briarwood is found. Once I see an interesting piece of Italian Plateau Briarwood, I study its shape closely and imagine how the brush may look with a knot of hair. The ergonomics have to be correct as the brush has to look right and be comfortable to use”.
“The root is then cut and trimmed by hand (not machined) the old fashioned way with rasps and files before being sanded with increasingly finer sandpapers. The hole for the knot is then drilled and only then the handle is coloured using only natural pigments”.
“The handle is then sealed to make it watertight by dipping it in Tung Oil. This procedure is done in a room with a controlled temperature for a few days before it is dried over two weeks in an airy room”.
“The brush is then ready for polishing. No less than 4 stages of polishing are required, each stage using an increasingly fine abrasive powder to get the finish a Marfin brush demands. The handle is then polished with Carnauba Wax and the knot of hair is cemented into the handle. Finally, the brush is numbered and marked with the Marfin logo. The entire process takes around 3 weeks”.

"Passion is the result of originality and uniqueness above all. Having something that’s truly mine, perfectly unique and one of a kind, was the driving force that inspired the creation of the Marvin shaving brushes".

Marfin brushes are only sold by a few dealers including Harrods and the Executive Shaving Company.

Choose your brush here.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director & Co Owner
The Executive Shaving Co Ltd

T: 0141 880 3040 from outside UK 0044 41 880 3040


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