Synthetic Shaving Brushes at Executive Shaving

Synthetic Shaving Brushes Available at Executive Shaving

These days, more than ever people are searching for an alternative to traditional badger hair shaving brushes. Brushes that don't use animal products and are vegan friendly.Synthetic vegan shaving brushes

We have one of the largest ranges of synthetic shaving brushes, brands we stock include Alpha Brush Company, Muhle, Vulfix, Simpson and Executive Shaving Company.

New generation synthetic fibre shaving brushes have incredibly soft fibre tips, they are now so good in performance that they compare favourably with the very best badger hair shaving brushes. Indeed, most users, including me will say their synthetic brush outperforms badger brushes they have owned in the past. Most synthetic fibre brushes have the added benefit of a firmer body so they whip up a rich shaving lather in no time at all. Synthetic brushes don't shed hair, they don't smell and they are far more durable than animal hair brushes that use badger, boar or horse hair. The vast majority of animal hair shaving brushes originate from China. China has a terrible human rights record, it's unlikely that they treat their animals any better!

With no animal products used in the production of synthetic shaving brushes, they are perfect for use by vegans, sensitive skin sufferers and anyone looking for a good quality shaving brush.
Browse our range of synthetic shaving brushes below. Additionally, because synthetic fibre brushes dry very quickly, they are ideal for travel.

If you are looking for a vegan shaving soap then check out our own deluxe soft shaving soap; it contains 10% shea butter, it's all-natural and vegan friendly as it contains no animal products while our Natural Shaving Cream gets rave reviews.

For help and advice on vegan shaving call us on 0141 880 3040, or email

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