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Tools of the trade

Tools of the TradeAre you new to wet shaving?

Do you want to switch from using non-recyclable plastic disposable razors to an ecologically friendly razor?

Are you looking for information on how to get a smooth, irritation-free shave?

Are you fed up spending over the odds and want better value for your money?

Are you looking to take the next step on your shaving journey?

At the Executive Shaving Company, we are here to help you get the best possible shave. This advice page is split into two sections – Basic Beginners Advice – for those that are new to wet shaving and or, new to using a safety razor and – The Next Steps – for those that want to improve their shaving routine and are looking for more advanced advice.

For personal help and advice, 'phone us: +44 (0) 141 880 3040, or use the LiveChat function on the website.

Basic Beginners Advice

The Razor

For those new to using a traditional double-edged safety razor, we recommend a mild shaving razor to begin with.

The best examples of these razors are:

Muhle R106

Merkur 34C

Muhle Companion Unisex Razor


These razors are compatible with all safety razor blades and give a good close yet mild shave.

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For beginners and those who suffer from post-shave skin irritation, we recommend starting off with Personna, Tiger or Astra safety razor blades. Or, experiment with different brands of blades. We created our Beginners Safety Razor Blade Variety Pack to allow you to do this.

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Shaving Preparation

When wet shaving, good preparation is essential. Use a quality shaving cream or soap to get the richest, most protective lather possible. This will deliver razor glide, help to reduce skin irritation and prevent nicks and cuts. A pre-shave product will also help you get the perfect daily shave.

We recommend this set, Natural Shaving Cream, Pre-Shave Oil & Moisture Balm. It contains all you need for before, during and after shaving.

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Use a Shaving Brush

Regardless of the razor you use or whether you use shaving cream or shaving soap, always use a shaving brush to whip up a rich, creamy and protective lather. We only stock synthetic, animal-friendly shaving brushes. The Medium Jock is the best entry-level brush.

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Post Shave

After shaving, rinse all traces of lather from your skin, then apply an aftershave balm to rehydrate the skin and reduce any irritation. The most popular aftershave balm we sell is our Intensive Moisturising Balm, this balm is Paraben free and comes in a handy 100ml airless pump bottle. Massage a small amount onto freshly shaved skin to soothe and rehydrate. A little goes a long way.

As an alternative to using a balm, you can apply an aftershave lotion to tone and refresh the skin; apply anytime to freshen up and leave the skin lightly scented. Check out our Nevis and Duine Fon Choill aftershave lotions.

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The Next Steps


If you are a more experienced shaver who is looking to find a closer shaving razor or just looking for the next step in your shaving odyssey, there are different types of razors you can progress to.

The Outlaw Razor
We created our Outlaw safety razor to give a closer, smoother shave in fewer passes. Fewer passes lead to less post-shave skin irritation. The Outlaw is made from solid stainless steel, there are no wear and tear issues with this razor and it comes with three different handle options, the Sure Grip, the Super Grip and the Elegant.

The Rex Ambassador Adjustable Razor
The Rex Ambassador is the ultimate adjustable razor, it's made from solid stainless steel; it allows you to change the level of blade exposure with ease. The more blade that's exposed, the closer the shave will be. Dial-up the numbers for a closer shave, dial-down for a milder shave.

The Claymore Evolution Single Edge Razor
Machine tooled from solid stainless steel, the Claymore single edge razor uses a wider and stiffer single edge blade. An effortless shaver, it shaves closer and faster than a standard DE razor.

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Razor Blades

Feather Platinum DE razor blade, nicknamed ‘Ninja’, are the sharpest blade you can buy. Ideal for that super smooth shave but not for everyone.

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Generation 4 Animal-Friendly Shaving Brushes

Upgrade your shaving brush to a Generation 4 (G4) synthetic fibre shaving brush. The G4 fibres used in our Ultimate G4 Synthetic Shaving Brush are super soft on the skin, yet they have good backbone for lathering up hard shaving soaps. The handle is designed for an easy grip so you are always in control.

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More Advice

For more advice on how to get the best shave possible, see our Ask The Expert section, our YouTube Channel, our A to Z Guide and our Discover Shaving portal.

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If you have any queries about anything shaving related, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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