Shaving Scuttles

Shaving ScuttlesShaving Scuttle

Traditional styles of shaving scuttles were popular from 1860 to 1920 when most homes did not enjoy hot running water. Many types were made, including occupational scuttles featuring pictures of men’s jobs, hobbies including cricket and football and even popular politicians.

A way to ensure the man may have hot lather is to use a scuttle and this shaving aid was developed in the late 19th century. It was usually shaped similarly to a tea pot with a very wide spout; pre-boiled hot water is poured in there, and the entire scuttle was brought to the bathroom. At the top of the scuttle is a soap holder, which unlike a shaving mug, has holes at the bottom of the soap cradle, allowing water to drain into the base. The heat from the water softened the soap to make lathering up easier. The water was also used to prime the shaving brush and even heat up the razor.

Using the Shaving Scuttle

Shaving Scuttle in UseThe shaving brush is dipped into the wide spout, allowing it to soak into the water and heat up. The soap is placed in the soap holder. The brush is then worked on the soap to produce lather; excess water is drained back. This allows conservation of water and soap, while also retaining the heat to ensure a comfortable long shave.

Executive Shaving stock a range of vintage shaving mugs and skuttles. Shave just like Grandad did, heat up your shaving soap and work up a rich creamy lather leading to a great shave.

Some brands still manufacture tradional style skuttles including Truefiit & Hill and Geo F Trumper.

You can browse our range of traditional shaving scuttles below.

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