Shaving Products - A Guide

Shaving Products - A Guide

It is not just about having the right shaving tools and the knowledge of how to use and care for them properly, having the right shaving products is just as important. These quality shaving products will make the difference between health skin and skin that is irritated by ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks and cuts.

Executive Shaving have a great range of shaving products to meet all your needs.

Shaving CreamsShaving Cream

Shaving Creams are a great form of shaving lubrication that provides both moisturising properties and good lubrication. Shaving cream can be used for all skin types but normal to drier skins will benefit most from them.

These exceptionally rich and nourishing shaving creams deliver the ultimate shave: the closest and most comfortable results are achieved simultaneously.


Shaving SoapsShaving Soap

Shaving soaps are similar to shaving creams and will provide lather for the perfect wet shave.

A good lather, in conjunction with a high quality shaving brush, not only primes the beard by making it softer, but the lather from shaving soap also provides lubrication to ensure your shave is smooth.

Shaving soaps are available in an assortment of fragrances, complemented often with an aftershave or shaving cologne of the same fragrance.


Pre Shave Shaving OilsPre Shave Oils

Shaving oils lubricate and moisturise your face providing the perfect base for a close comfortable shave, thus resulting in a pain-free shave with no razor burn, rashes or dry, blotchy skin.

Some say shaving oils are far superior to foams or gels, as it offers a consistently smooth shave while reducing nicks and razor burn. It also leaves your face conditioned and moisturized.


Pre Shave Shaving GelsPre Shave Gel

Shaving Gels help to provide ultra-smooth razor glide with no burn or pain giving maximum protection against irritation.

Some say it is essential to having the ultimate wet shave as the gels are specially formulated for delicate skin. Gel helps prepare your beard for a clean, close, comfortable shave.


Shaving BalmsAftershave Balm

Executive Shaving has some of the finest shaving balms, moisturisers, and shaving skin foods available from manufacturers such as Geo F Trumper.

Shaving balms provide a moisturising effect that soothe and calm the skin after shaving.

Moisturising lotion or creams replaces lost oils, protects and conditioned the skin after shaving.


Moisturisers and Skin FoodsSkin Food

Moisturising lotion or creams replaces lost oils, protect and conditioned the skin after shaving. It is essential to keep skin supple and smooth. A good quality moisturiser will go a long way to help you keep your skin healthy and younger-looking.

Shaving Skin foods are dual purpose, either as a preshave to soften and lift the beard prior to applying shaving cream or as an aftershave balm to use after shaving for sensitive skins.


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