Shaving Mugs and Lathering Bowls

Shaving Mugs and Lathering BowlsLathering Bowl

Shaving mugs and lathering bowls have been designed to enable the shaver to whip up that all important thick and creamy shaving lather. Any good sized bowl or saucer will do as a temporary solution, however, using a dedicated shaving mug or lathering bowl, which has been specifically designed to do the job makes creating a good lather extremely easy.

What are shaving mugs and lathering bowls?

Shaving mugs are pretty much that; they are usually cermaic and mug shaped with a handle on the side to allow you to hold it with ease whilst whipping up your lather. A lathering bowl can be made of ceramic, stainless steel, horn or acrylics. As the name suggests they are bowl shaped, without any side handle, but are designed to fit in your hand comfortably. They have always been an integral part of the traditional shavers shaving equipment dating back to the time of the first cut throat razors.

Why use shaving mugs and lathering bowls?

Shaving mugs and lathering bowls allow the shaver to whip up that all important thick creamy lather for the perfect shave. Depending on the design some allow the shaving brush to be placed safely whilst using the razor to shave.

What types of shaving mugs and lathering bowls are there?

Shaving MugShaving mugs come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and designs. The most common style is a simple mug shape with side handle.

Traditional Victorian shaving mugs have a sturdy handle; accommodate a small hard soap shaving refill in the top. Any excess water drains through the holes as the lather is formed. hey also have a large spout, where hot water can be poured in and your shaving brush can rest. These are also called shaving scuttles.

Other types of shaving mugs available are those of a more simple ergonomic design. This simple mug design with a perfectly moulded handle on the side enables secure holding and fine balance whilst applying lather.

What materials are shaving mugs available in?

A wide variety of materials are used, most commonly ceramic and porcelain. Other materials used for shaving mugs are pewter and bone china, but can include stainless steel, acrylic and horn.

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