Shaving Information and How To Guides

Shaving Information and How to use guides

Beginners CornerAre you new to wet shaving or just looking to improve your technique?

Below are some quick links to take you to our usefull hints and tips on grooming for men, including a number of essential How To guides.

Shaving Tips For Men - General shaving tips including skin preparation.

Shaving Tips For Women - General shaving tips including skin preparation for women.

Shaving Soaps - How to use shaving soaps.

Shaving Creams - How to use shaving creams.

Safety Razor Shaving - The benefits of wet shaving and how to use a duble edged razor.

Guide to Hones and Honing - An essential guide to using a honing stone.

Guide to Strops and Stropping - An essential guide to using a strop.

Guide to Using a Straight Razor - Comprehensive guide to using a straight razor.

Skin Preparation - A brief overview on skin preparation pre-shave.

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