Shaving Cream - A Guide

Shaving Cream - A Guide

Shaving CreamShaving cream is cream that you lather into a rich creamy emulsion and apply to the face before shaving to avoid razor burn. Shaving cream is often bought in a tub, but can also be purchased in tubes and on occasion a can.

Creams that are in tubes or tubs are commonly used with a shaving brush to produce a rich lather (most often used by Wetshavers). Shaving cream in a can is commonly dispensed as a foam or a gel. A relatively new product is shaving gel, which is dispensed as a gel then rubbed on the face to produce a lather.

The main difference between these two types of lubricant is that the gel and foam based creams are usually alcohol based and often dry the skin excessively. The tube and tub based creams are based on glycerine soaps that are alcohol free and tend to be much easier on the skin. Technically, due to the drying effect of the can foams and gels, you cannot wetshave with them as they are very dry -- the glycerine in the tub and tubebased soaps, on the other hand, causes the water used to soften the beard to remain on the face, providing the perfect base of a good wetshave.

The compressed gas in shaving cream canisters originally contained CFCs but to avoid patent restrictions it was found that gaseous hydrocarbons such as mixtures of propane, butane and isobutane could be used instead of the CFCs. Because of the large proportion of water in pressurized shaving cream the normally inflammable hydrocarbons were not a fire hazard.

If shaving cream is not available, regular facial soap can be used in its place but it is no adequate substitute to proper shaving soap as the lather is far too runny and inconsistent. We do not recommend this, use a good quality shaving cream when shaving to avoid any skin irritation.

Shaving cream is not normally used when using an electric razor, however some newer models feature a wet shave function.

Moisturising Shaving Creams

Does dry skin make shaving a chore? moisturising shaving cream is the answer. It is a great form of shaving lubrication that provides both moisturising properties and good lubrication. Moisturising shaving creamscan be used for all skin types but normal to drier skins will benefit most from the creams.

These exceptionally rich and nourishing shaving creams deliver the ultimate shave: the closest and most comfortable results are achieved simultaneously.

Benefits of Shaving Cream

Why use shaving cream?

It softens and lifts the beard for a close and comfortable shave.

It protects the skin from irritation and razor burn.

It leaves the skin feeling ultra smooth and conditioned.

Shaving cream is a perfect moisturising solution for those with dry skin.

How to Use

Use shaving cream in your normal shaving routine. Prior to your shave, apply the cream thinly with fingertips to the area to be shaved, or lather up with a damp shaving brush and apply to beard. Then shave as normal. Moisturised shaving cream rinses away instantly, without a trace of residue.

Watch the video below of our Natural Shaving Cream in action.

Our shaving creams are carefully formulated, economical to use and give an excellent lather for a comfortable shave that leaves the skin exceptionally soft.



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