RazorPit Cartridge Razor Blade Sharpener

RazorPit Cartridge Razor Blade Sharpener

The RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener is for you if you're fed up paying through the nose for disposable replacement razor blades.

Save a blade with RazorPit the amazing razor blade sharpener. Stop throwing razor blades away, instead, extend the life of your razor blade to up to 150 shaves.

How To Use The RazorPit Blade Sharpener

The RazorPit blade sharpener is so easy to use: Apply a small amount of shaving cream / gel etc onto the RazorPit silicone plate, place your razor blade onto the plate and gently stroke it four times over the length of the plate 4 or 5 times against the conventional shaving direction. Then, rinse the RazorPit and blades. This process should be repeated after every shave.

The Technology Behind RazorPit

RazorPit uses a unique and patented friction technology to clean and sharpen your razor blades. After every shave microscopical residue, like skincells, water, and keratin is left on the blades. That causes them to feel dull.

RazorPit uses friction to clean off the residue and thereby leaving you with a clean and sharp razor blade - which last for up to 150 shaves and saves you 90% on razor blades.

Environmentally Friendly The RazorPit is green too!

The majority of the disposable razor blades thrown away in your rubbish end up on landfill sites. In the USA alone 2bn razor blades were thrown away in 2005. In Europe the size of the problem is much the same. The RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener can massively reduce this appalling waste.

Save Yourself A Fortune

Most shavers change their disposable blades weekly, at £1.50 each, this leads to an annual spend of £78.00, over a 50 year shaving lifetime - £3,900. With these figures you get a return on your investment in only 3 months!

Convinced? You can buy the Razorpit blade sharpener here.


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