Proraso Three New Shaving Creams, Colognes & Balms

Following the huge success of their Sandalwood Cologne launch in 2016, Proraso has introduced three new scents and they are even better than Sandalwood.
First, my personal favourite Wood & Spice. It's a tantalising, sexy scent that's sure to become very popular from day one. Azur Lime is as you would expect is limey and citrusy while Cypress & Vetyver is green, musky and light. In my opinion, Wood & Spice is best suited for evening wear while Azur Lime and Cypress & Vetyver are best for day time wear.
I have to say I'm not a fan of the old Proraso shaving creams and soaps (too light, not enough skin protection in my opinion) but their new formulation shaving creams are a massive improvement, they are designed specifically for single and double edge blades, they're creamier and richer than the previous range.
These new shaving creams, colognes and balms are very continental in that the scents are light and not overpowering.
Proraso has made high quality men's shaving soaps, creams and balms from their base in Florence, Italy since 1948. The Proraso brand is sold worldwide and it is a firm favourite with men of all ages.
For the ultimate shaving experience buy a shaving cream, aftershave balm and cologne in the same scent.

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