Muhle Rocca JET Safety Razor and Shaving Brushes

Muhle Rocca JET Safety Razor and Shaving Brushes

The Muhle Rocca range is named after the Italian for castle or fort. Made from stainless steel, Rocca razors and brushes combine exceptional German quality and engineering with a classic, elegant design.
The JET series is a special edition of the Rocca range, one that features a DLC (black diamond-like-coating) on the razor and the brush handles. DLC protects the surfaces from scratches and rough handling.
The heads on the brushes are interchangeable so you can replace a knot of hair in the future. Choose from super-soft, animal free synthetic or silvertip badger hair.
Both the brushes and the razor look fantastic, especially when paired with the Rocca Matt Stainless Steel stand, however, we prefer pairing them up with the Muhle Universal Stand. The shiny chrome of this stand contrasts so well with the black JET range.

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