Meet the team behind Executive Shaving

Meet the Team

Since 2005 the Executive Shaving Company has grown from humble beginnings, into one of Europe's largest online independent shaving and grooming supply company.
As a family owned business, Executive Shaving is run by an enthused team, dedicated to bringing you the best shaving products and the right shaving advice, so you achieve the closest, smoothest, most enjoyable shave possible.
So, who is responsible for this shaving heaven? Check out our team members below.

Name: Brian
Role: Owner, Sales Director, and Shaving Expert
Quick Shaving Tip: Prepare properly, take your time and always moisturise after shaving.
Favourite Product: The OneBlade Genesis Single Edge Razor.
Random fact: Brian is also known as Dr Shave!

If you need shaving advice you can contact Brian via our Ask The Expert page .

Brian Our Shaving Expert

Name: Shona
Role: Owner, Financial Controller.
Quick Shaving Tip: Never apply alcohol based cologne/aftershave onto freshly shaved skin.
Favourite Product: Executive Shaving Intensive Moisturising Balm.
Random Fact: Shona's favourite drink is a nice gin!


Name: Robert
Role: E-commerce Manager
Quick Shaving Tip: Always use a brush to apply your shaving lather, regardless of what type of razor you use, always use a brush.
Favourite Product: Extro Cosmesi Barocco Shaving Cream.
Random fact: Robert studied Geography at university!


Name: Kirstie
Role: Digital & Marketing Manager
Quick Shaving Tip: Ladies buy a safety razor - they are better for your skin, the planet and it will save you money.
Favourite Product: Muhle Used Blade Bank.
Random fact: Kirstie does food photography in her spare time!

Name: Nicole
Role: Pick, pack and dispatch and general warehouse duties.
Quick Shaving Tip: Always use a sharp blade.
Favourite Product: The Executive Shaving Company Natural Shaving Cream.
Random fact: Nicole lived in New Zealand for two years!

Name: Kirsty
Role: Pick, pack and dispatch and general warehouse duties.
Quick Shaving Tip: Use Aloe Clear to treat ingrown hairs.
Favourite Product All Natural Shampoo Bar.
Random Fact Kirsty was once crowned the gala princess and the gala queen!


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