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The Art of ShavingAsk The Expert

Use the tips below to ensure a smooth satisfying shave.


Give yourself at least ten minutes for shaving, try not to rush your shave, enjoy it, take your time, get up earlier if neccessary.

Wash your face in warm water and apply a few drops of Executive Shaving Pre Shave Oil to the palms of your hands, massage this into the beard to soften the bristles and coat the skin and bristles in a fine layer of oil. This process will deliver wonderful 'razor glide' so the razor blade will glide over the skin and not dig in.

For best results, always use a shaving brush, soak it in warm (never hot) water for about 10 seconds, and either place a small dollop of shaving cream to centre of the shaving brush or into a lathering bowl, or work the brush into your shaving soap. Work up a thick, creamy lather with the consistency of yoghurt - this should take about 20 seconds

Using your shaving brush, gently paint the lather onto the face and shave away to your hearts content.

The Shave

Ensure that you use a sharp blade. We recommend a good quality double edged safety razor with a clean, sharp blade, both for safety and to ensure a close shave

Do not use the blade for more than 6 shaves

Shave with the grain of the hair twice and against the grain once for a close shave. Shaving your beard stubble against the grain on a first pass with the razor can cause ingrowing hairs, redness, razor burn and rashes

Do not pull the skin too tight if you do shave against the grain

Rinse the head of your razor in warm water between passes. All razor strokes should be slow and deliberate, keep the pass to between 25 and 30mm so you continually adjust the angle of the razor to the face with each stroke (the ideal angle should be around 30 degrees).

After the Shave

After you have finished your shave, rinse your face in warm water to remove all traces of shaving cream then splash the face with cold water to close the pores. Finally apply an after shave balm or moisturiser, to soothe and moisturise the face. Rinse your shaving brush thoroughly in warm water (never hot water), squeeze the head of the brush gently and then flick it a few times to get rid of excess water. Place your shaving brush on a brush stand, so the water can drip away from the base of the brush hair and allow the hair to drip dry by aeration.

Never - I repeat - never stand your brush on its end, or keep it inside a cupboard or a bag, as the hair on the brush will smell, create mildew and rot.

For advice on all your shaving queries ask our shaving expert, or call us on 01410 880 3040.


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