How to Trim a Moustache

How to Trim a Moustache

Guide on Grooming your Moustache

A tidy, well groomed moustache tells you the wearer cares about how he looks, it's a sign of a man who excludes class and style.
Decide how you want yours to look before following these instructions.

Step 1. Wet your moustache slightly.

Step 2. Use a fine-tooth moustache comb to smooth the hair down flat as mush as possible.

Step 3. Clip the hair on your moustaches outer edges with a pair of grooming scissors.

Step 4. Snip across the bottom of the moustache.

Step 5. Trim the body of the moustache to achieve the desired evenness and bushiness, and to clip errant hairs.

Step 6. Touch up the top of the moustache with a razor until you have the desired line. If you have an unusual moustache, such as a pencil-thin or handle-bar moustache, use more or less use of the razors edge as appropriate. Take care not to shave off the top of the moustache accidentally. Merkur have a very practical, bespoke moustache and beard razor that delivers a sharp beard line.

Step 7. Comb again with the moustache comb.

Step 8. Apply a little beard oil to condition your moustache and nourish the skin underneath.

Step 9. Apply a little moustache wax, if desired, to keep your moustache sharp and sleek.


Work carefully. Clipping even a small amount of hair can change the appearance of a moustache greatly.

For fancier styles, use moustache wax to shape or groom.

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