Head Shaving - What Is It and Why Do It

Head Shaving - What Is It and Why Do It

Head shaving is simply the practice of shaving the hair from a human's head.

How Is Head Shaving Done?

Head shaving can be performed by most standard razors, electric hair clippers or head shavers. A few companies such as HeadBlade produce razors designed specifically for head shaving. Because it is generally hard to shave long pieces of hair, people with longer hair cut their hair short using scissors before shaving it off completely.

Executive Shaving recommend that you use the range of HeadBlade head shavers and head shaving accessories. Their razors make head shaving a simple task that can be done in minutes, with out any nasty niks or cuts. HeadBlade razors are designed specifically for head shaving. No other razor or clipper is as simple to use for head shaving and the results from HeadBlade are exceptional, expect a very smooth, comfortable shave that's done with no fuss and very quickly.

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Why do People Shave their Heads?

Head shaving has been done for practical, religious, cultural, or aesthetic reasons.

Practical reasons include work safety or comfort, lice prevention, grooming simplicity and preparation for surgery. Competitive swimmers will sometimes shave their heads to reduce drag while swimming.

Cultural reasons may include an emphasis on conformity and solidarity as identical haircuts can make diverse crowds look very similar, or as part of hazing rituals. One aesthetic reason is the concealment of baldness. Many Buddhists, Hajj pilgrims, and members of the Hare Krishna movement shave their heads. The Maasai people of Africa traditionally shave their heads.
These days men who are thinning on top are reluctant to use the comb-over look that was favoured by Bobby Charlton of England and Manchester United, preferring instead to completely shave their heads. Frankly it's a much better look than the comb-over, all the head shaver has to decide on is what finish? Glossy or Matte?

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