Generation 4 Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Generation 4 Synthetic Shaving Brushes

Generation 4 (G4) synthetic shaving brushes are truly in a class of their own, featuring the very latest shaving brush technology. G4 shaving brushes are softer with more backbone than any other synthetic shaving brushes on the market.
A G4 synthetic shaving brush will prove to be a great investment, it’s the only shaving brush you’ll ever need to buy.

Generation 4 vs other synthetic shaving brushes

Generation 4 brushes are super-soft on the skin and they have more bristle density and backbone than other shaving brushes.
As a result, they hold more water and have incredible lathering power. A G4 brush will make even the hardest soaps lather up effortlessly.

Generation 4 synthetic brushes vs badger hair brushes

Generation 4 synthetic shaving brushes outperform badger brushes on all fronts, they're softer, have better hair density and backbone.
They're cheaper than badger, no animal had to die, and they will last much, much longer with no hair shedding and smell which are classic flaws associated with badger brushes.

Why you should buy a synthetic shaving brush

Check out the video review below, where Brian explains the benefits of a good synthetic shaving brush.

For those who shave every day and want to replace or upgrade their current shaving brush, or for those who simply want the very best, a G4 shaving brush is a must-have.

If you are new to wet shaving or are on a budget, you should consider our Medium Jock synthetic brush.

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