Feather Artist cut throat razors at Executive Shaving

Feather Artist Cut Throat Razors – No Fuss Straight Razor Shaving!

Feather Artist RazorWe are constantly being asked what is the best cut throat razor to start shaving with?

Our answer is always a Feather Artist Cut Throat Razor from Feather of Japan.

This range of super modern designed razors, which use Feather disposable injector blades, mean you can quickly and easily get a cut throat shave without the fuss of a traditional steel blade. No stropping, no honing, just load in a fresh blade and you are ready to go. Each blade is good for 8-12 shaves.

Every Feather Artist razor features a machine-tooled, stainless steel head, and a durable, ergonomic handle. Changing blades is simple, quick and safe.

It’s not just male thing either, Feather have created these razors to be unisex. They recommend the Artist Club SS range for body shaving.

There are three different styles of razor in the Feather Artist range; the new Artist Club SR, the Artist Club SS and the Artist Club DX.

New In – The Feather Artist Club SR Razor

Just recently released the new Feather Artist Club SR razor has been created to give improved balance and weight distribution during shaving. Its stainless steel head has a concave shape which is reminiscent of a traditional cut throat razor and delivers a comfortable shave.

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The Feather Artist Club SS Razor

The Feather Artist Club SS razor is the most popular razor, especially the Scotch Wood Edition, with its super sleek wooden handle. The razor head of the SS features a more rounded and bulbous tip. This distributes the pressure on the skin during shaving giving a milder shave and reducing irritation. Finding the correct shaving angle is also much easier with this tip. Feather say the rounded tip of this razor should create a feeling similar to ‘being stroked by the back of a spoon’.

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The Feather Artist Club SS Razors

Top of the range is the Feather Artist DX razor. Designed to recreate the same shave from a traditional steel cut throat razor, the DX has a narrower, concave-shaped head with a finer tip. This allows for a much closer shave and is recommended for experienced shavers only.

Feather Injector Blades

The Feather Artist razors are compatible with Feather Injector blades. Available in different sizes, each blade will deliver a slightly different shave. How close the shave you get depends mostly on blade exposure, the more blade that's exposed, the closer the shave will be:
SoftGuard: 1.0mm
ProGuard: 1.0mm
Professional: 1.0mm
Super Blade: 1.25mm
Light Blades: 0.4mm
If you are unsure which blade to start with we suggest choosing Softguard blades.
Dispose of used blades in this Feather branded used blade bank.

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If you have any questions about the Feather Artist range of razors, which one to buy, or how best to use them, get in touch. Call us on +44 (0) 141 880 3040, email info@executive-shaving.co.uk, or use the LiveChat function on our website. We are here to help.

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