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Muhle Sophist Porcelain 4-Piece Safety Razor Shaving Set

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Beautifully designed, elegant 4-piece shaving set with bowl, featuring real porcelain handles with chromed metal features.
The set includes the following:

  • Shaving brush with Silvertip Fibre knot of hair
  • Shaving brush size L = large shaving brush head with 23 mm knot
  • Safety razor, compatible with classic, double edge safety razor blades
  • Detachable lathering bowl
  • Stand for razor, brush and bowl

The Material - Porcelain

Its manufactures date back to ancient China; in Europe, 'white gold' was first produced in 1708. An elegant material which must be worked with extreme care, from the manufacture of the blank shapes to the completed individual piece. Each piece is shaped, glazed and fired by hand. The top and bottom of the handles are combined with chrome-plated brass fittings.

The Brushhead - Silvertip Fibre

Muhle high-quality synthetic fibres represent a world first, a synthetically produced premium quality whose material characteristics are a close match to those of silvertip badger hair. There are few downsides to synthetic over badger, in fact, we argue that synthetic brushes are more durable, easier to maintain and they perform as well as any badger brush.

'Silvertip Fibre' is very soft at its fine tips, yet there is plenty of backbone for lathering up. These characteristics produce a pleasant, soft sensation on the skin when the lather is applied. In daily use, the manually processed fibres are less sensitive than natural hair as they dry more quickly and are resistant to shaving soaps and creams. The completely vegan fibres are also somewhat easier to use than natural hair as they produce a particularly creamy and thick lather from a small amount of shaving soap or cream, which is used much more sparingly as a result. Moreover, no animal had to die for its coat.

The Razor with Classic Safety Razor Head

For generations, the safety razor has been regarded as a stylish classic which delivers close yet comfortable daily shaves. This razor benefits from the mild shaving Muhle R89 head. Shaving with a safety razor is easy and quick - once you have mastered the basics. Watch our safety razor tutorial video to see how it's done.

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This fine porcelain shaving set features individually shaped, fired and glazed porcelain inserts, complimented with chrome-plated brass fittings.

Synthetic Silvertip Fibre Brush - Ideal for lathering shaving soaps and creams alike. These vegan fibres are easy to use and lather up a thicker lather from less cream or soap.
Dimensions: 42 mm x 105 mm, weight: 116 g

Muhle Safety Razor – The Muhle safety razor is a classic which gives a precise shave with no fuss or irritation. Compatible with all brands of double-edged safety razor.
Dimension: 42 mm x 125 mm, weight: 96 g

The Stand and Lathering Bowl - The highly polished, chrome plated metal stand is perfect for allowing the brush to drip dry and aerate naturally - thus prolonging its life. The bowl is ideal for lathering up shaving creams and soaps. It's also handy for catching any drips from the shaving brush after use.
Dimensions: Height 130 mm, weight: 360 g, bowl diameter 90mm

Place some shaving cream or soap into th lathering bowl along with a few drops of warm water and use the brush to whip up a rich creamy lather.
Apply the shaving cream or soap to your face with the brush.
Using the razor, shave twice with the grain of the hair and once against the grain.
When you're finished shaving, rinse the brush thoroughly and the razor, then hang both brush and razor on the stand to let them aerate before your next shave.

Muhle produce some of the finest shaving products available today. We are great fans of their high levels of design, workmanship and excellent finish. This set is the perfect gift for both novice and expert wet shaver alike.

Silvertip, synthetic fibre hairs, porcelain handle with chrome plated features.
Porcelain handle with chrome plated features, metal alloy head with chrome plating.
Metal alloy with chrome plating.

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