Wet Shaving for Women: An Interview with Christine

Wet Shaving for Women: An Interview with Christine

When it comes to shaving, women have traditionally had poor choices when it comes to quality products and a close and comfortable shave. With the majority of women opting for shaving as their choice of hair removal (as opposed to waxing and other methods), it is shocking that the choices of disposable razors available tend to be costly, ugly in design, bad for the environment and overall poor in performance. At Executive Shaving, we believe women should be able to have as enjoyable and comfortable a shave as men do.

The answer? Wet shaving with a safety razor.

Many women are starting to realise the benefits of wet shaving and make the shift. Shaving can even be enjoyable, as lathering up shaving cream with a shaving brush feels much more luxurious than using cheap cans of gel or foam. Shaving cream provides a far smoother and comfortable shave and is much kinder to your skin. Shaving with a safety razor leads to a closer shave and no more ingrown hairs. On top of this, you no longer have to spend excessive amounts of money every year on plastic throwaway products. Your razor and brush can be bought once and will last for many years decades even, and replacement blades cost pennies compared to replacing cartridge blades. Overall, this means good things for the environment too – less waste and less plastic. It’s a winner all round.

We interviewed Christine Peek, a mum of three and a personal trainer from Glasgow, who has recently made the switch to shaving with a safety razor, shaving cream and a shaving brush  to find out her thoughts on wet shaving for women.



“Previously I'd buy any pack of ladies disposable razors, especially if they were on offer, sometimes guys disposable razors as they always seemed to be cheaper.

I'd use a shaving gel and a body moisturiser but not specifically one for after shaving.

I never had any issues shaving or with the products I used - I decided to try a safety razor for other reasons.

I watched David Attenborough's Blue Planet and probably like so many I was shocked by some of the images I saw - floating islands of plastic debris - a seahorse clutching a plastic cotton bud.  Shortly after there was a lot in the media of how it would be better to give up single use plastic for lent - one of the posts I saw on Facebook outlined how practically impossible it is to recycle disposable razors and how much better it would be to switch to a safety razor, and how much of a better shave it would be.  I did some research and decided to embrace the change.

It was relatively easy to switch, I watched some tutorials online, got the kit, and I haven't looked back. Admittedly shaving takes a little more preparation than before but I'm getting to enjoy the ritual of lathering my legs and using the safety razor.  Another thing I've really benefited from are the range of products associated with using the safety razor, I never realised there was such an art and appreciation for all things shaving.

I genuinely feel I am getting a better shave, I'm loving the quality of the products, and I'm glad to be doing something to help reduce plastic waste.  It might be more expensive in the first place to start out but I can see how in the longer term it's actually going to work out cheaper, or at least better value when you compare the quality of the shaving cream and balms. I have also taken the advice of Executive Shaving and I now only shave in the direction the hairs on my legs grow in - that's downwards. This has at a stroke stopped those little pinprick ingrown hair holes that used to so annoy me. My legs and underarms are now smoother than they have ever been. 

I'm pleased I changed over, and I would definitely recommend safety razor shaving for all women.”

The products Christine used were:

Muhle R89

Personna Blades

Executive Shaving Citrus Kiss Shaving Cream & Aftershave Balm

If you have any questions about beginning wet shaving or would like some more advice on products, please email us at info@executive-shaving.co.uk and we are more than happy to help you out.

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