Three Reasons Why You Should Use A Safety Razor

Three Reasons Why You Should Use A Safety Razor

Why you should use a Safety Razor for shaving

There are three main reasons why you should shave with a safety razor as opposed to a cartridge razor.

1). It’s better for your skin
2). It’s better for the environment
3). It’s cheaper than shaving with cartridge blades

Let’s look at these three points in more detail.

It’s better for your skin

Today’s modern razors and electric shavers are no match for a double-edged safety razor. This is due to the very design of modern cartridge razors.

The blades in a multi-blade cartridge are each positioned to gradually extend toward your beard, unlike a safety razor. These cartridges achieve their closeness by stretching the skin with a layer of rubberised ‘micro fins’, then by lifting the hair and slicing it off at a point slightly below the surface of the skin.

It is this overzealous closeness that causes many of today’s skin and shaving problems as when shaved too closely, cut hair can grow painfully into the upper layers of the epidermis. Once the hair follicles begin to do this, there is a high chance of causing ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn.

These problems are severely reduced and even negated by shaving with a good quality safety razor.

A safety razor will provide better, more consistent shaves and will leave your skin in excellent condition every time as a safety razor cuts beard hair directly at the skin's surface.

It's better for the environment

This is due to the fact you’ll use three times fewer razor cartridges by using a safety razor, there’ll be less waste for you to dispose of.

Secondly, due to the fact safety razor blades are made of a single metal razor blade, they can be easily recycled, unlike today’s modern razor cartridges which are a mixture of plastic and metal.

Finally, the vast majority of safety razors benefit from metal heads and handles which will last for decades and more if looked after.

These days, Gillette and others give you a free plastic handle each time you buy replacement cartridge razor blades. That is a slap in the face to environmentally aware people and damaging to the planet.

It’s cheaper

I looked at the prices for Gillette Fusion blades on 4th January 2019 on Google Shopping and the price of the top 10 offers worked out at an average of £2.14 per blade.

I used a Fusion blade during a recent trip to Dublin and the blade was good for only 4 shaves.

By contrast, a Feather or Personna safety razor blade (our top sellers) works out at 35 pence each and they’re also good for 4 shaves.

If the average man shaves 5 times weekly over a 12-month period, the cost of Fusion blades over this period is a staggering £139.75.

The cost of safety razor blades over the same period is only £22.75, it’s almost seven times more expensive to shave with a Fusion than it is to shave with a safety razor.

You have to factor in the cost of a safety razor, they vary hugely in price, our best seller is the Muhle R89. Let’s add on the cost of a synthetic shaving brush and two decent shaving creams, this adds another £38.00 to the annual cost.

So, even if you buy two shaving creams, a shaving brush, a good quality safety razor and a year’s supply of safety razor blades you are saving a massive £79.00 annually and I haven’t factored in the cost of the supermarket bought foam which will add another £18.00 or so annually to the cost of shaving with a Fusion razor.

Think of how many £100s you would save over the years!

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