Razor Burn and Shaving Rash Problems

Razor Burn and Shaving Rash Problems

Question from Stephen, England 15 May 2012

Q: Despite using pre-shave treatment, making sure I use hot water, and a good brush and shaving cream. I always seem to have little cuts and nicks after shaving, and always have a rash in the area shaving from my ear down toward my Adam's apple.

A: Make sure you're always using a sharp blade, what type of razor are you using? If you use a cartridge type blade (Mach3 etc) buy yourself a RazorPit Blade Sharpener as using this will ensure you always have a sharp blade without spending a fortune on new blades every week.

Don't shave against the grain unless it's on your third pass with the razor. Your first pass should be with the grain, there is no need to press too hard with the razor if the blade is sharp. Rinse off and lather up again. Shave with the grain again or diagonally across the grain. Rinse off and lather up again. Finally shave against the grain. 

Use only good quality soaps or creams, Dr. Dittmar Soap is really good for sensitive skin and so are Castle Forbes Lavender and the Fitjar range of soaps and creams, they are not the cheapest but they are very good. If you are on a budget opt for Taylor's Jermyn Street Cream which is specifically for those with sensitive skin.

In any case, make sure your lather is nice and rich and not runny and bubbly. Never shave an area where there's no cream or soap on the skin.

I reckon very few guys actually have sensitive skin but many guys have poor shaving technique and use poor quality shaving creams and blunt blades and it's this what causes the so called sensitive skin problems.

Finish off with a shaving balm to soothe the shaved area.

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