Parker Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razor

Parker Safety Razors

Lots to choose from but which Parker Safety Razor should you choose? My favourite Parker Safety Razor is the Parker Interceptor; I love its futuristic design and close shave ability.

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Made in India since 1973, Parker Safety Razors are now highly rated world wide by wet shaving enthusiasts. Recent improvements to their manufacturing processes and designs mean that at last, wet shavers have an alternative to the German made Muhle, Merkur and Giessen & Forsthoff razors which have ruled the roost for decades.

The reasons guys love their double edge safety razors are many and varied and a Parker Razor ticks all the right boxes:

Ease of use - once mastered you'll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to shave with a double edge safety razor.

Economic reasons - safety razor blades are massively cheaper to buy compared to disposable razor cartridges

Shave quality - get that really close shave with less passes; safety razor blades are sharper than disposable razor cartridges so you need less passes to get a smooth shave which is kinder to your face.

Longevity - I personally own 5 safety razors, one of which dates back to the 1930s and it is still a great shaver. How many modern multi blade cartridge razors are built to last more than a few months?

The evidence for using a safety razor is compelling; the reasons to use a Parker Safety Razor are equally compelling.

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