New Travel Bag and Wash Bag

New Travel Bag and Wash Bag

Who wouldn't like a new travel wash bag as a gift? Practical and stylish, our latest travel wash bag can also double as a ladies cosmetic bag.

From UK based White Brothers, this big boy measures an impressive 250mm x 150mm and comes with a handy internal zipped pocket and two elasticised pockets so you can keep your shaving kit and accessories safe and secure in this waterproof toiletry bag.

The downside to the more expensive leather travel wash bags is that they can be damaged by chemicals and water; you have no fears with this washbag as it is fully washable. A quick clean with a damp sponge will remove any staining and simply hang it up to drip dry if it gets wet. 

This impressive travel wash bag will easily hold all your toiletries including a travel razor, shaving soap, aftershave, shaving brush, skin food, shower gel and shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste and still have room left for the all important holiday necessities such as sun block, sun cream and mosquito spray. You'll never lose valuables at the beach again with this must have travel bag!

As Ryan Air and other budget airlines tighten up on the weight of your hand luggage you'll be pleased to learn that this versatile travel wash bag weighs only 65 grammes!

For the sports minded lady or man, look no further than this bag as it is perfect for taking to the gym as it will hold everything you need for your cool down and shower. The bag comes with a handy hanging strap and a zipped opening so you can hang your wash bag up in the bathroom to keep it dry and to allow for easy access to its contents.

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