Merkur 39 Barber Pole Slant Safety Razor

Merkur 39 Barber Pole Slant Safety Razor

For lots of wet shaving enthusiasts, Merkur shaving is the only true way to shave and the Merkur 39 Barber Pole Slant is up there as one of the best performing double edge safety razors available on the on the market today.

Manufactured in 'The City of Blades' by Merkur of Solingen, this is the razor for any safety razor shavers who suffer from sensitive skin. The slanted bar and weighted head on this barber pole safety razor follow the contours of the face perfectly and cut through heavy stubble and beards whilst only needing to apply very light pressure.

At approximately 9 centimetres in length, the long, heavy handle on the Merkur 39c Barber Pole provides perfect balance and the knurling allows an excellent grip even when the fingers are wet.

The truly great thing about the barber pole slant is that, when the right technique is used (and this may take a little time to perfect!) the closest shave can be achieved with only two passes as opposed to the more common three.

Although compatible with all safety razor blades including Merkur's own blades and Wilkinson Sword blades, when used with a Feather blade the 39c slant can produce the one of the smoothest, most comfortable shaves ever. However, I should warn you that feather blades can be very unforgiving and not for the inexperienced wet shaver!

For further information or to purchase this safety razor, please click on the link below: Merkur 39 Barber Pole Slant Safety Razor

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