Feather Safety Razor - Best In The World

Feather Safety Razor - Best In The World

The Feather Safety Razor is expensive to buy at £170.00 but why is it so expensive?

The Feather Safety Razor is made from high quality Japanese Stainless Steel, the engineering used on this razor is absolutely bang on the button. Very fine tolerances have been used throughout the manufacturing process. From the etch washed face with its Feather branding the the wonderful diamond knurled handle everything about this safety razor screams TOP QUALITY at you.

How Does It Shave?

The Feather Safety Razor is a heavy razor, it's a hefty 90g and 98 mm long so I was pleasantly surprised when I tested this beauty to find that it gave me a very mild shave indeed. I highly recommend the Feather to anyone but particularly those who have sensitive skin.

What Blade Suits The Feather Best?

Use with a Feather Razor Blade, the combination of an extremely sharp blade and the mild shaving Feather razor is exactly what sufferers of sensitive skin require.

Anything Else?

Yes - just seeing this beauty in my bathroom was enough to make me smile! The combination of looks and functionality makes this razor a must buy for those who appreciate the finer things in life. I've got to get one - where can I buy a Feather Razor right now? You can buy the Feather Safety Razor online from Executive Shaving Ltd click here.

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