Waxing - Is It Right For You?

Intimate and WaxingPrimarily waxing is a cosmetic treatment that removes unwanted body hair through the application of heated wax and either paper or cloth strips.

Specially formulated waxes are applied to the hair removal area, and then a paper or cloth strip is firmly applied to that.

The wax is then allowed to cool, and then the strip is pulled off in a very quick motion taking the hair, root and all with it.

The waxing process however can be anywhere from uncomfortable to downright painful.

Although there may be some pain involved waxing can produce astounding results.

The hair takes anywhere from two to eight weeks to grow back, and many times when it does it is much finer.

Someone who repeatedly uses a waxing treatment for hair removal may find that after several years, the hair simply stops growing back at all. There are some uncomfortable side effects to waxing, however.

The most common are redness, skin irritation, and slight swelling in the waxed area.

You can also end up with ingrown hair, bumps and even pimples.

A few very unlucky could get an infection in their follicles called folliculitis.

Some wax and hard waxes and skin types simply do not mesh well and can result in bleeding or even the removal of skin in places. Most people, however, never have more than a few minutes of mild pain immediately after the waxing process.

This is normal, as is some slight redness.

Using a mild wax lotion exfoliant a few times during the first week helps to control ingrown hair. To reduce the pain associated with waxing, take a Tylenol or ibuprofen tablet at least half an hour before your appointment.

You can also apply a numbing spray just before applying the wax from the wax heater, allow it time to take effect and if it has any oils in it, a quick wash with soap and water to get that off will help the wax cling to the hair better.

If this is the first time you are waxing go to a professional, don't try it at home.

Another trick used frequently is to use a warm wet washcloth on the area.

The heat will help the pores to expand making it easier for the hair to come out.

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