Waxing Heater

Roller Cartridge Wax HeaterYou love the feel of your legs right after using a waxing heater, but you just can't afford to keep going to a salon to have it done.

There are waxing kits available for the do-it-yourself waxer at every discount store and drugstore. Many of these kits claim you can just heat the wax in your microwave and you will get a great wax for far less. If that's true, then why do they make waxing heaters?

Unlike a waxing heater a microwave can heat the wax unevenly, this in turn makes the user a prime candidate for a burn or a really bad wax. If the wax is too hot, serious burns can happen; if the wax is too cold it may not adhere to the unwanted hair like it should, and that can cause greater skin irritation.

Using a waxing heater will make it easier to achieve a more regulated temperature throughout the product and keep it from getting to hot. In addition, the wax will not cool off to the point where you will need to reheat it. Simply turn off the waxing heater when you are done and close the top if it has one, or seal the wax can.

The wax is ready for you when you are, and you won't have to worry about it spilling when you are trying to remove it. Let it cool while still in the heater. Many women choose to not use a waxing heater and they do just fine with the at-home wax kits. Eventually, though, those same women do spend a few pounds on a waxing heater kit for several reasons. Using waxing heaters is a sanitary way to keep your waxing supplies together ready for your next use.

There are waxing heater models that actually have storage space for extra spatulas and even strips. A waxing heater does not have to be a large expense and within a couple of waxes done at home it will pay for itself. The comfort it provides, along with knowing that you will never have to worry about a burn is more than worth the cost.

Once you know what you want in one, it is a timesaving and convenient way to keep your wax ready when you are.

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