The Claymore V2 - The Story So Far

The Claymore Single Edge Razor was launched by Executive Shaving in August 2016. The head is investment cast in Cheshire, England. The Version 1 Claymore sold well but it suffered from quality issues particularly in relation to warping of the baseplate which meant we were returning around 20% to the manufacturers for reworking.

We redesigned the head and relaunched the Claymore in April 2017. The new head wraps itself around the baseplate making for an eye catching look while the new design has negated the warping issue. The handle remains as before as does the matte finish.

Who is The Claymore For?
If you have tough stubble and you struggle to get a close shave.
If you suffer from razor burn and or razor bumps.
If you want a close, two pass shave.
If you’re adventurous.

The Claymore experience is as close as you’ll get to shaving with a cut throat razor but the technique used to get a close yet comfortable shave is no different really from shaving with a standard type double edge safety razor. The Claymore is heavy as it’s made entirely from stainless steel so you don’t need to apply any pressure while you shave; the weight of the razor is enough.
The wide head means fewer passes are needed, and fewer passes = less irritation.
When I use my Claymore I shave with the grain twice with maybe a little touch up under my jawline where my bristles grow in a circular pattern, from start to finish I can get a really close shave in around seven minutes.

Which Blades Are Compatible With The Claymore?
We recommend Feather Injector Blades, they are easy to load into the Claymore and are extremely sharp. Furthermore, these blades will be good for anything between 8-12 shaves depending on your beard type. I tested a Feather Professional blade and I eventually replaced it after 12 shaves, by shave 9 I could feel it wasn’t as sharp as before but I persevered with it and even after 12 shaves the results were good but I did feel the blade tugging when I shaved my cheeks. 
See Blade Compatibility below for options.

Blade Compatibility
The Claymore is compatible with the following blades:
Feather Professional
Feather Professional Super
Feather ProGuard
Kai Captain
Kai Captain Titan Mild
Kai Captain Titan Mild Protouch
Kai Captain Sharpblade
The Claymore is not compatible with Feather Light Blades.

Technical Details
Weight: 140g (5oz)
Handle diameter: 12.4mm (0.49 inch)
Handle length: 95mm (3.73 inch)
Head width: 53mm (2 inch)
Head height: 6mm (.23 inch)

Coming Soon - The Stainless Steel Machine Tooled Version
Some buyers of the Claymore have mentioned they love how the razor shaves but they would prefer a more refined finish, some mentioned Above the Tie as an example of how machine tooling the head leads to a better finish. We have taken these comments on board and a firm in Glasgow, Scotland is putting the finishing touches on our machine tooled version which we will call the Chieftain. Not only will the finish be better, we will also (in 2018)  launch two other shaving options, Mild and Heavy Duty meaning you can choose the amount of blade exposure you need to get the shave that suits your beard growth and skin. 
Our target is to produce a single edge razor that is better than the USA made razors such as the Mongoose and the Above the Tie razors in terms of shaving experience, choice of blade exposure and overall finish.
The new Chieftain will be announced soon.

Written By Brian Mulreany
Sales Director 
T: 0141 880 3040 (0044 141 880 3040)

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