The Top Five Razor Blades at Executive Shaving

The Top Five Razor Blades at Executive Shaving

The topic of which razor blade is best to use in a double edged safety razor, is one that can spark hours of debate amongst wet shaving aficionados. There is an incredibly long list of different brands of razor blades to choose; from the more recognisable brand names to the lesser known brands; the list seems endless.

To help guide you through this plethora of blades, we have compiled a list of the top five best-selling double edged safety razor blades sold by Executive Shaving this year.

These are the razor blades that our customers have voted with their own money, buying them from us on a regular basis over the last 12 months. Check the list out and see if you agree...

Number 5 – Wilkinson Sword

In the early 1960s Wilkinson Sword introduced the first ever stainless steel razor blade. This blade quickly gained a reputation as one that could be used for a week without rusting or dulling. Previously, carbon steel blades had been produced by the razor manufactures; these blades would only last for one or two days shaving. The new blade enabled Wilkinson Sword to capture the lion’s share of the razor blade market from their competitors.

Today the Wilkinson Sword double edged safety razor blade is still made from stainless steel and is manufactured in Solingen, Germany. An industrial area renowned for the superior quality of the bladed products produced there.

These blades are crafted from stainless steel and are available in packs of five blades. You can check them out here. They give a smooth consistent shave.

Number 4 – Muhle

Muhle is a brand that we are particularly fond of in the Executive Shaving office. The finish and quality of their razors, brushes and shaving sets is second to none, as you would expect from German engineering.

Recently they introduced their own double edged safety razor blade to the market. Designed to complement their range of razors, this blade is made from stainless steel and manufactured in the UK.

These blades are honed to a medium sharpness and give a close, comfortable shave. Check out the Muhle razor blade here.

Number 3 – Gillette Silver Blue

No wet shaving list is complete without some mention of Gillette. Mr. King Gillette is widely acknowledged as the father of the traditional double edged safety razor and disposable blades. Despite moving in to the cartridge razor market, the Gillette name is still a mark of quality for safety razor blades.

The Gillette Silver Blue razor blade is now made under licence in St. Petersburg, Russia. Available as a pack of five blades, they have a sharpness that is comparable to the mighty Feather, but without the extreme sharpness some feel the Feather have.

You can buy the Gillette Silver Blue blades here.

Expect them to give a close, smooth shave, but without the irritation some users experience with Feather.

Number 2 – Personna

Personna blades can trace their heritage back to 1875 when the Kampfe brothers first applied for a patent on their safety razor and the formation of the American Safety Razor company.  Now part of the Edgewell Personal Care Company over two billion blades are produced every year.

These blades are a particular favourite with the guys at Executive Shaving. We recommend them to wet shavers, whether expert or novice, they will give you a very comfortable shave, and they are great value too.

These platinum-chrome plated super stainless steel blades are made from Swedish steel. Available in a pack of ten blades, they give a smooth,comfortable shave, for a great price. One of these blades will last between four to six shaves and does not have the aggressive sharp edge of the Feather.

You can find out more about them here.

Number 1 – Feather

The number one brand of double edge blades sold by Executive Shaving is no surprise – Feather.

Nicked named the ‘Ninja’ by some, the Feather blade is regarded as the ultimate blade. Sharper than a surgical scalpel, these blades will give an assertive, close shave.

Founded back in 1932 as the Seki Safety Razor company, the famous Feather name was introduced in February 1953, when the company changed its name to the FEATHER Safety Razor Co, with the first stainless steel double edged safety razor blade being introduced in April 1967.

The hi-stainless steel blade is platinum coated and has an incredibly sharp edge. We mostly recommend them to experienced wet shavers, however, they are good for those shavers who suffer from sensitive skin issues as this blade shaves closer with fewer passes, so less irritation.

You can find out more about the Feather safety razor blade here.

Other blades that deserve to be mentioned in dispatches are Astra, Gillette 7 O’clock Yellow and Tiger.

Whether you want to check out these blades mentioned above, or fancy browsing for something different, you can check out all the razor blades we stock here.

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