Staycation with Dr Shave

Thoughts are turning to Staycations as we gradually move out of lockdown, maybe you like me have already started planning?

As soon as we can, Mrs Shave and I are heading off in our MoHo to Stonehaven which is a small coastal fishing town on the north east coast of Scotland. We will have two nights there then drive down to Carnoustie for one night before heading back to Glasgow.
There are some essentials I cannot travel without.


My favourite is a mix of music from the 70s through to the present day, Bowie, Radiohead, Marvin Gaye, Aretha, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Marley and The Boss will be blasting out as we pass Stirling, Dunblane, Perth and Dundee before arriving in Stonehaven.


Here’s a tip, take a small washbag on a staycation, this makes you really think about what you take, the Mini Parker Wash Bag has room inside for a razor, shampoo bar, roll-on deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, travel shaving cream, balm, travel size cologne and blades. The bigger the bag, the more tempting it is to pack non-essentials so deliberately opt for a small wash bag for short term staycations.

The Merkur Travel Safety Razor fits the smallest wash bag yet there is no compromise on the shave this wee beauty delivers.

No matter the season, weather or occasion, Lomond EDP is as absolute essential, we may only be in a MoHo but standards must be maintained.

Skin Protection:
Like Lomond, some items are non-negotiable and our 100ml Intensive Balm should be used after shaving and as a daily moisturiser.

Hair Care:
Our Shampoo Bar is recommended, it’s small in size and it’s plastic free, you can use it all over and it’s also a highly effective pre-shave soap.

I take my Kindle, which is small enough to fit in the back pocket of a pair of Levi’s (another travel essential).

Final thoughts, travel light, take clothes that are practical and smart, examples being Lacoste tee-shirts, a Marino wool sweater, Levi’s 501s, trainers and a waterproof jacket.

Written by
Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
10th March 2021




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