Three Recommended Roll-On Deodorants

I came across this article from 2021 online and it made me stop and think about how we can help reduce pollution. The article mentions shoppers should stop buying spray cans of deodorant and air fresheners because they are a major source of toxic pollution.  
With that in mind, we are steadily increasing the number of roll-on deodorants we stock, the latest additions are Havana by Geo F Trumper and Men Extra Dry and Dermo Protection both by Spain based LEA. Roll-on Deodorants
Naturally, I asked for samples to test before we committed to buying, here are my views on them:

Havana Deodorant Stick 75ml

Geo F Trumper offers a few deodorant sticks and Havana Deodorant Roll-On was launched in February 2022.
I am a huge fan of their Havana cologne and shower gel so I knew what to expect from the scent and I wasn’t disappointed, the blend of grapefruit, pink pepper, and vetiver is pleasing on the senses. Thanks to the inclusion of glycerine and Vitamin E and the exclusion of alcohol in the ingredients I experienced no irritation.
The scent lingered for a while after applying and as expected the roll-on delivered 24-hour protection.
Comes in a recyclable container.
Price: £14.00 for 75ml

LEA Men Extra Dry – 48 Hours
This is more an antiperspirant than a deodorant although it does have a slight, mildly sweet, minty scent. I shower daily at 6.45 am and twice during the working week I visit the gym after work. Dermo Protection never let me down, it’s easy to apply, it’s very effective and good value for money. LEA Men Extra Dry claims to remain effective for 48 hours, but I didn’t put that to the test.
LEA Men Extra Dry contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, no matter how sensitive your skin is, you can use this roll-on. Read more here.
Comes in a recyclable container.
Price: £5.95 for 50ml.

LEA Men’s Dermo Protection Deodorant & Antiperspirant – 24 Hours
This hybrid roll-on is mildly scented with musk and woodiness. Like LEA Men Extra Dry – 48 Hours, I found this roll-on to be effective over 24 hours. At no time testing the LEA roll-ons did I feel sticky underarm.
Comes in a recyclable container.
Price: £5.95 for 50ml.

I was pleased with the performance of all three products and also pleased not to be contributing to airborne toxic pollution.
My roll-on of choice from now on will be LEA Men Extra Dry – 48 Hours. It’s well priced and highly effective.
View our range of deodorants here.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
Prices correct on 16th March 2022



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