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In June 2018, I was contacted by a shaving brush manufacturer who had an interesting range of brushes he was selling on Etsy. He wanted greater exposure for his brushes and a reliable, trustworthy distributor so he made contact with Executive Shaving. Replica Rubberset Shaving Brush
My interest was piqued as the brushes he was selling were exact copies of the famous American made Rubberset brushes from the 1930s to 1950s. I have seen originals on eBay fetching upwards of £200 so I knew there is a market for this type of brush.

After an exchange of emails, I asked for samples of a badger silvertip brush and a synthetic brush. By September I had my samples, I don't use badger hair brushes now so Robert our E-Commerce manager tested the badger brush and I took the synthetic home.

What strikes you immediately about these brushes are how well they are made, the quality is sublime. The handles are CNC machined from high-grade aluminium to a flawless finish and polished to a soft sheen. They're fairly heavy at 130g and they are by far the longest brush I have used at 135mm top to bottom.

The synthetic hairs on my Rubberset replica are similar quality to the very best synthetics on the market today, up there with Muhle and Executive Shaving Big Jock's for softness yet they have plenty of backbone for vigorous face and bowl lathering. You lose nothing using a modern-day synthetic compared to a badger brush other than synthetics don't retain heat the way an animal hair brush does, that aside, they perform as well as animal hair brushes do.

I used a variety of creams and soaps during my test period and I loved my brush, no fuss, no hassle, not one single hair was shed and it looked good in my bathroom next to my OneBlade Genesis.
Robert tells me his badger hair brush performed on a par with his Simpson Chubby 2 in silvertip for face and bowl lathering, heat and water retention and after two months of daily use, the brush has blossomed out slightly, Robert says this makes face lathering easier and quicker. Really Robert? I'm only reporting what he tells me...

Summing up, I loved the Rubberset replica experience, especially the retro looks and how easy the long handle makes face and bowl lathering. Robert was impressed by the build quality and the softness of the silvertip hairs on his skin.

How much? This may surprise you, the silvertip comes in at only £82.00 while the synthetic is a bargain £55.00.

Now that you're considering buying one of these wonderful brushes, you're wondering what stand is most suitable, go for this OneBlade stainless steel stand.

Read more about the silvertip version here
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Written by Brian Mulrteany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
Prices correct on 2nd Nov'18.

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