Executive Shaving 2019 News Update

The Executive Shaving Company 2019 News Update

We never rest on our laurels, we’re constantly looking to improve our own brand range and the choice of brands we sell to bring our customers more choice, better quality and value for money. Natural Shaving Cream by Executive Shaving (200ml)

New Aftershave

A glaring gap in our own brand portfolio is a traditional, splash-on aftershave. After much deliberation and testing, we have at last, chosen one. It’s lightly scented with fresh green and sandalwood notes. We’ll maybe call it Solas which is Scottish Gaelic for Light. Our goal was to develop an aftershave splash that smells good, tones and soothes shaved skin, doesn’t burn the skin, is free from nasty chemicals and colourants, comes in recyclable packaging and all for around £15.00 – easy!
The new aftershave will not be available until summer 2019 as it needs to secure EU Safety Certification and this is a long drawn out process.


During summer 2018, we hired a designer to come up with updated branding and packaging. I have always felt our packaging was functional rather than attractive. We wanted to stand out from the mundane Taylor-Truefitt-Trumper type of packaging and so we hired Ryan Thompson of Rydo Ltd. Ryan and I met over a period of months to chew over ideas and sketches and we both kept coming back to the George Petty pinups of the 1940s-50s but with a modern, Scottish type theme running through them.
Our new Fuar Ach Snog range features one of Rydo’s creations. The shaving cream comes in a large, recyclable 150ml glass jar and the balm and pre-shave oil in 150ml, recyclable aluminium bottles. The larger containers mean better value for money for our customers and longer lasting products. Fuar Ach Snog is Scottish Gaelic for ‘Cold but Nice’. Our Bay Rum aftershave balm is also available in new packaging. During 2019 you will see our Bay Rum shaving cream and Citrus Kiss shaving cream and balm benefiting from the new branding and larger size containers.

What’s Next?

Next up will be a refocus on our Claymore Single Edge Razor and all stainless steel version of our top selling Braveheart safety razor. We have the technical drawings, we now need to source a firm that can supply on budget and to the tight tolerances we demand.

Social Media

Videos, we are committed to doing more, it seems our customers want to see products in more detail so look out for more demo videos and product videos.  Our YouTube Channel has almost 8,000 subscribers, we have produced 36 videos, our most watched video Learn To Shave With A Safety Razor has been viewed over 1.3 million times. We have almost 4,000  followers on Facebook and we will continue to showcase offers and advice on this channel.

New Brands

We will continue to look for exciting brands such as OneBlade from the USA, ARC Shaving Soaps from New Zealand and Rubberset Replica Shaving Brushes from Hong Kong to bring you the very best shaving and grooming products from around the world.
We were delighted to bring in the Martin de Candre range of shaving soaps, it was 2014 when I first approached them asking if they would like to supply us and I've went back to them every year since asking the same question and the answer was always 'non'. However in January 2018 Augustin the main man there said he would get back to me, he eventually did - in October! We are delighted to have them on board. Martin de Candre maybe do things in their own time but they do make fabulous shaving soaps.

Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
10th January 2019

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