Oliveology The Shaving Moisturising Cream For Gals and Guys

NEW - Oliveology Shaving Gel for Guys and Gals

Oliveology is 100% natural - it's made from extra virgin organic olive oil, aloe vera, sap from the sangre de grado tree and antioxidant vitamins A, D and E.

Oliveology is new from USA and it's taking Europe by storm. Those with sensitive skin issues will benefit from using Oliveology.  Yet Another New shaving Product - so what's new with Oliveology?

Supermarket shaving foams, creams and gels contain irritating chemicals which dries and damages the skin. Have a look at the ingredients used in supermarket shaving creams and gels - you'll be shocked, no wonder people get shaving rash and shaving bumps after applying chemical mixes that read more like weed killer ingredients which cannot possibly be kind to your skin. Oliveology on the other hand contains no irritating chemicals, and in fact moisturises the skin while you shave!

100% all natural - love your face!

Easy to use, handy squeeze bottle

Great value for money, a little goes a long way

Extends razor blade life - oil lubricants keep razor blades from dulling or rusting

High lubricity - helps razor blades cleanly slice the hair shaft, reducing ingrown hairs

Conditions - natural conditioners soften coarse hairs to reduce razor drag Guys love the fact that they’re applying a totally natural product to their face and Girls love the fact that Oliveology is so kind to their skin while shaving areas such as legs, underarm and bikini.

Two sizes - 59 ml (4 oz) and 236 ml (8 oz). The 59 ml size is absolutely perfect for travel as it's light and therefore within the hand luggage limit for carrying liquids on board aircraft.

We Say: This gel / oil is a tremendous lubricant, whether you have a light growth or a heavy growth, whether you're male or female Oliveology will do a great job for you. Being 100% natural, those with skin problems, sensitive skin and those who suffer from razor burn and shaving bumps will benefit from and love using Oliveology. "Oliveology gave me a real close shave, the razor was well lubricated with the gel at all times. I happily recommend this product to all members of the Executive Shaving family".

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040
Email: brian@executive-shaving.co.uk

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