NEW Large Alum Block 100% Natural

NEW - Large Alum Block 110 g (3.88 oz) from Executive Shaving alum block executive shaving

This Large Alum Block is bigger than most at a whopping 110 g and measuring 75 mm x 40 mm x 20 mm deep; it's incredible value for money compared to others.

So what do you use Alum Blocks for?

Post Shave Treatments - Apply immediately after shaving to a wet face to cool the skin and instantly stop bleeding from minor shaving cuts and razor burn. The Alum Block has antiseptic properties making it the ideal 100% natural after shave treatment. 

Spots and Pimples Control - Apply directly to the affected area last thing at night to control and cure a spotty complexion. An Alum Block can be used as an astringent for oily complexions.

Antiperspirant / Deodorant / Excess Sweating - The Executive Shaving Company Large Alum Block is ideal for those who wish to use a natural antiperspirant. Simply apply the Alum Block to the underarms for a totally reliable, natural, non scented antiperspirant. Alum Blocks are non-scented so you can use your favourite scented deodorant. Alum Blocks have been used as an antiperspirant for centuries in the Far and Middle East, Europe and Mexico. Alum Blocks are highly effective in controlling excess sweating.

After Waxing Treatment - Alum Blocks are very affective for calming the skin after waxing, as they are 100% natural they are suitable for sensitive areas such as the bikini area and the face.

Alum Blocks have been medically tested for being hypo-allergic and skin friendly; they are appropriate for all types of skin and can be used as an astringent for oily complexions. Other points include:

Alum Blocks are kinder to the skin than a Styptic Pencil

Alum Blocks are solid translucent Alum Cubes not the white powdery cheaper versions

Alum Blocks are 100% Natural - love your face!

An Alum Block is a crystal cube formulated from naturally occurring Alum deposits. The antiseptic properties of Alum Blocks are well known, the ancient Egyptians used Alum Blocks as far back as 1500 BC and they were first imported into Scotland from the far east in the early 16th century.

As with any 100% natural stone, expect minor variations in colouring and shape. The Executive Shaving Company Alum Blocks are made on our behalf by the world famous Shavex Company of Jaipur, India manufacturers of high quality natural alum blocks. Finally, if you're looking for a smaller Alum Block - we also have a 55 g version.

Check out our Alum blocks from Shavex by clicking here.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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