6 Highly Recommended Shaving Soaps

6 Highly Recommended Shaving Soaps

We often get asked “what shaving soap is the best” our answer is never straightforward, as we try to gear our answer specifically to the customer’s needs. For example, we will ask whether he has sensitive skin, what type of razor he’s using if he likes or dislikes a particular scent, what his budget is and more.
For the sake of the article let’s say we’re dealing with a typical Executive Shaving customer, age 45 with no skin problems, no particular likes or dislikes to any particular scent and he uses a safety razor 5-6 times a week. In no particular order, here are 6 amazing, highly recommended shaving soaps that are absolutely worth buying.

Via Barberia Aquae Omega
An agent we buy lots of stuff from sent me a puck of this soap and I took it home hoping it would be average at best, then I could get back to her and say “sorry, not good enough for us” we carry too many brands as it is. However, I was massively impressed with Via Barberai Aquae Omega Shaving Soap, (pictured) unlike some brands, it was super-easy to load up my brush with a rich lather. The scent is hard to describe let’s just say it’s fresh and aquatic, the lather is protective and lubricating due to the inclusion of vegetable glycerin and shea butter. This soap is very natural and it’s free of colourants, parabens and silicones. Via Barberia is a new line from the Italian giants Omega and wow what an improvement in quality from before. The soap comes in a nice branded Via Barberia outer box.
Price: £9.95.

Executive Shaving Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap
This soap is a cross between a soft cream and a hard soap, the texture is similar to putty. This makes lathering up supremely easy. The soap comes in a recyclable aluminium tin (ideal for travel), you can lather up directly from the tin or you can take a small amount out and place a small amount in a lathering bowl for whipping up. Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap is made for us by an artisan who is based in the south of England. We were very clear from day one what we wanted; it had to be suitable for hard and soft water, a sensational scent, all-natural and free of nasty parabens, colourants, and synthetic perfume. Deluxe benefits from a refreshing, limey, fruity, citrusy scent that always reminds me of Opal Fruit sweets.
**I genuinely mean this, if you buy our Deluxe Soft Shaving Soap and you are disappointed with it in any way, we will give you your money back.**
We think this is one of the very best shaving soaps you can buy.
Price: £12.99.
Tabac Original
This soap dates back to 1959, it’s made in Germany and like Marmite and Bovril you will either love it or hate it. I love it. I think it’s the scent that puts some guys off, Tabac describes it as being sharp, spicy and floral, I would say manly, old school, floral and woody. What no-one can argue is the exceptional lather this soap delivers and I have used it in Scotland where the water is soft and in Spain where the water is very hard, no matter what water type you have this soap will lather up easily. This is probably the longest lasting soap I have ever used, even after a month of daily use the puck-shaped refill seemed barely touched. This soap is also available in a Soap Stick which is good for travel, there is also an option to buy a puck in a branded Tabac ceramic bowl for £17.70.
Price: £10.20.

Mitchell’s Wool Fat
Made in Bradford, England using a recipe that dates back to 1893. What makes this Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap special is the addition of natural lanolin a natural moisturiser and tallow. Not a shaving soap for vegans as the lanolin is from real wool and tallow is animal fat. It’s these two products that give the glide and slickness Mitchell’s is known for, it’s a firm favourite with men who use cut throat and aggressive safety razors. The scent is a bit of a let-down, mild with hints of lavender but the most important factor is the lather and in this regard, this is a top-notch soap. You can also buy a puck in a traditional looking Mitchell’s branded soap bowl for £22.50.
Price: £8.99.

Fitjar Folgefonn
Available loose wrapped in paper or in a plastic tub suitable for lathering. This soap is our most expensive but is it worth it? Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes! It seems to contain less menthol than in the past but it’s still the freshest feeling shaving soap on the face around, the perfect morning wakeup call in fact. Folgefonn Shaving Soap is a dense, hard-packed soap, ingredients contain natural lubricants and cushioning no matter what type of razor you use you’ll love how it will effortlessly glide over the contours of your face and neck leaving you closely shaved. Such is the moisturising power of this luxury shaving soap your skin will feel soft and supple after shaving even before you apply an aftershave balm. Fitjar is a small island off the coast of Norway; here a small team of soap makers hand make the most sensational shaving products including Folgefonn shaving cream, after shave cooling gel and aftershave moisturiser.
Price: £30.00.

Arran Machrie Sea Salt and Rockrose

Arran shaving soaps are known for providing a protective layer of lather and a smooth razor glide. At £25.00, Arran Machrie Sea Salt and Rockrose is pricier than some of our other shaving soaps but well worth the extra pennies. The Machrie scent is fresh, clean and crisp, with notes of Sea Salt, Labdanum, Sage, Patchouli and Rockrose. This soap also comes in an unusual pebble-shaped bowl, with a natural rock look, which will add a touch of flair to any bathroom. If you enjoy the Machrie scent, you can also match it up with their collection of toiletries including Aftershave Balm, Shave Cream, Shave Gel, Shower Gel &  Eau de Toilette. Price: £25.00

Prices correct on 16th Feb'18.
Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company
If you have any questions, please get in touch:
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