baKblade All Over Back & Body Shaver

The Burt Reynolds hairy chest and back look is so 1970s, these days men (and women) don’t want to see the hairy gorilla look. Being free of unsightly body hair up until now was not so easy. Shaving your back with a standard size razor is impossible unless you are a double jointed contortionist or you have a partner willing to help you out, waxing is far too painful for men while trimmers leave stubble and chemical removal is bad for your skin.
What you need for a smooth, hairless back and body is a baKblade® razor. This easy to use shaver reaches easily to every part of your body so you can shave your chest, torso and legs as well as your back.

The ergonomically designed handle features a detachable cartridge blade head; detach the head to shave easily accessible parts of your body. Use with the handle for awkward to reach areas such as the back.
As I have aged I’ve lost plenty of hair on my head but gained clumps of hair on my shoulders and all over my back chest and stomach. My wife would oblige with a safety razor back shave now and again but until I bought a baKblade razor for most of the time I sported a hairy body.
bacKblade is easy to use, for me I found that shaving in the shower was the easiest way to get the best results. Here’s how I use it:
*Shower as normal
*Step out of the water stream and apply shower gel to the areas you are about to shave, this will add lubrication and glide to the blade leading to a close yet comfortable all-over shave.
*Gently draw the blade over the contours of your skin
*Step back into the shower stream to get rid of any loose hair and de-clog the cartridge by holding it under the shower stream
*Repeat if necessary

The baKblade razor folds for easy storage and it’s very lightweight so you can maintain your sleek, bare body look even when you’re on your travels. It has a hanging hook for easy home storage. Each bacKblade comes with two blades, replacement blades are available. I have used mine maybe 10 times since I bought it and I’m still using the same blade.

Summing up:
Good value for money, well designed and most importantly baKblade delivers superb results. Click on one of the products to watch an instructional video.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
T: 0141 880 3040

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