Men's Morgan's Hair & Beard Darkening & Styling Products

Men's Hair Darkening & Styling Products

One way to look younger without resorting to surgery is to darken your hair. This applies to the hair on your head. You can dye your hair or better still, gradually darken your hair over a 3-4 week period using one of Morgan's hair darkening products. This is the best way to darken your hair - gradually not instantly.Morgans Men's Hair Darkening Products
These products work naturally with the hair, gradually darkening it to the look you want. A major benefit is that Morgan's products also style your hair, keeping it in place while you get darker, more youthful looking hair. Choose from four proven products each one has different properties depending on your type of hair and how you style it.

Morgan's Hair Darkening Pomade was launched way back in 1873, it's an easy to apply and comb through pomade. This pomade darkens the hair over a period of three to four weeks without using conventional dyes. Morgan's Pomade controls, shapes, moisturises and enlivens your hair. Most suitable for dry, thick, curly, brittle and normal hair. Available in 200ml and 100ml sizes.

Morgan's Grey Away Hair and Beard Liquid Colour Restorer, suitable for all hair especially long hair and suitable for darkening the temples. This restorer contains Panthenol which moisturises the hair and maintains health and vitality as well as increasing lustre and brilliance, delivering colour, shine and conditioning in one easy to apply application.

Morgan's Hair and Beard Darkening Cream is suitable for all hair types. Like all Morgan's hair darkening products, this product works over a three to four week period without the use of conventional dyes. Once you achieve the look you want, use the cream top up the colour when required.

Morgan's Hair and Beard Darkening Mousse, this controls and styles your hair and darkens it at the same time. It contains Coltsfoot, Chamomile and Cornflower which combined, enrich the hair making it look youthful and healthy. Pleasingly, this mousse comes to you in an environmentally friendly non-aerosol, no waste dispenser.

These products can also be used to darken sideburns, beards and moustaches.

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Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company Ltd
19th Feb' 2019

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