The Best Men's Fragrance Ever

The Best Men's Fragrance Ever

Q: I'm wanting a very special cologne or similar for my husband, you see he is 40 on Christmas Day. He loves Geo F Trumper's Syke Eau De Toilette but I want something more exclusive and more importantly, a really extra special scent for a special guy on a very special day. What do you suggest? From Martha of London.

A: Hi Martha, the new Castle Forbes Neroli would be the one for your husband.

Truly different, very exclusive and so very special. We were lucky enough to be given a sample of this Eau De Parfum (EDP) two weeks ago for promoting at our retail outlet and the reaction from shoppers has been excellent. So, what's all the fuss about?

According to Castle Forbes: The Castle Forbes Neroli Special Reserve EDP scent harnesses three precious treasures from the Bitter Orange Tree, exquisite Neroli Oil from the delicate blossoms, Petitgrain Oil Bigarde from the young shoots and twigs and Bitter Orange Oil expressed from the peel of the fruit.  A perfect and harmonious balance from nature.  A clean woody base captures and holds these ethereal fresh citrus notes.

We Say: Utterly brilliant! It has the wow factor in spades, it has staying power that blows every other fragrance I've tried out of the water. You can as Castle Forbes say, smell the Bitter Orange and Blossom and I detect hints of oak and is it lemon or grapefruit? In any case, the overall scent is highly pleasing.

For a men's scent that costs £89.00 you are expecting the presentation of the product to be good and Castle Forbes don't disappoint. The heavy, statuesque, glass bottle  features a raised glass, black coloured shield with the Castle Forbes highland stag emblem set against a black background, the bottle is topped with a silver coloured top that includes the stag emblem on the top (a nice finishing touch). The presentation box is black with silver wording, the front uses the same stag emblem as the bottle.

This is a spray EDP so there's little or no waste when applying, easy to spray into the back of your neck, hair and wherever else takes your fancy.

This is not an after shave or cologne, this is an Eau de Parfum (EDP). The highest concentration of scent is in pure perfume (or parfum). Next would be Eau de Parfum, then Eau de Toilette, and finally Eau de Cologne. Eau De Toilette and Eau De Cologne are generally interchangeable, especially in Men's fragrances. After Shave has the least amount of oils. The higher the concentration the longer your fragrance will last, and the less you need to apply.

Buy this outstanding Eau de Parfum from Castle Forbes by clicking here.


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