New Muhle Travel Synthetic Shaving Brushes

New Muhle Travel Synthetic Shaving Brushes

The new generation of Muhle travel synthetic shaving brushes are made with Muhle's trademark synthetic fibres. 

Muhle's amazing synthetic fibre brushes share the same properties as a silvertip shave brush - they are extremely soft, durable and fast drying.

It is the fast drying nature of the synthetic fibres that is a real benefit for the travel shaving brushes. Many badger hair travel brushes are affected by mildew caused by dampness as they are placed back in the tube without being dry. 

However, unlike badger hair, the synthetic fibres are dry almost immediately after flicking the brush two or three times.

This means the Muhle brushes can be placed back in the tube immediately after shaving without causing them any long term damage.

The cleverly designed Muhle travel shaving brushes come in a 3 piece construction. The protective case/tube acts as the handle of the brush when in use.

We have the brushes available in a shiny nickel plated finish, smart black anodised aluminium finish and silver anodised aluminium finish.

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