Dovo All Steel Stainless Steel Cut Throat Razor

Dovo All Steel Stainless Steel Cut Throat Razor dovo all steel razor

The Dovo All Steel Stainless Steel Cut Throat Razor is often quoted by shaving bloggers as one of the very best straight razors around. But why is the Dovo All Steel Stainless Steel Razor so adored? Is it the minimalist stainless steel finish, the beautiful scales, the shave quality it gives or its amazing manoeuvrability? In my opinion it's a combination of all four.

Shaving aficionados argue about what is the best steel for a razor - stainless steel or carbon steel?

Dovo's take on Stainless Steel V's Carbon Steel: What sort of steel is most suitable for straight razors? The basic materials for good straight razors are standard steels with a carbon content of 0.6% and greater and which attain a maximum of hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear in a careful process of tempering and treatment. The advantage of stainless grades of steel is that these require less looking after. (Source Dovo website)

We say: Stainless steel is not harder than carbon steel but it does take slightly longer to sharpen and hone a stainless steel straight razor compared to a carbon steel razor. One major advantage is that stainless steel razors will not rust which should be a major buying point if you live in a humid climate.

Straight Razor Specification

Blade Depth: 5/8

Blade Type: Stainless Steel

Scale Colour/Finish: Satin Finished Stainless Steel

Grind Type: Full Ground

If you're looking to buy a superb stainless steel straight razor then the Dovo All Steel Razor will not disappoint. To view the Dovo All Steel Razor click here.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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