Claymore Evolution – An Update

The Claymore Evolution Single Edge Razor – An Update

The machine shop today is (at last) finishing off the last of the sample razors, Steve Tinter of Hong Kong based The Alpha Shaving Brush Company will pick them up tomorrow. Steve will keep one for himself, give one to a friend who is an experienced safety razor user and send one to me.

We haven’t changed the geometry of the blade gap and the angle the blade protrudes so the shave it delivers should be exactly the same as the razor I’m using at home delivers.

What we have done is lighten the weight of the head by reducing the amount of metal at the back of the head and we have introduced more defined chamfering to improve the overall look of the head.

Updates such as these would normally only take a week or so to do but the machine shop is working with reduced staff due to COVID-19 related social distancing at work.

I have now been using my Claymore Evolution for a month with good results. I promised to give some feedback so here goes.

Ease of Use:

I find it a lot more forgiving than a safety razor, the safety bar design and dimensions mean there is not too much blade protrusion, as yet I have not had any shaving nicks.


I have used the same SoftGuard blade for 10 x shaves and the results were very good, I have decided that 8 x shaves are about right for me. Although my beard growth isn’t dense, it is wiry and I generally only get 3 x shaves from a Feather or Personna safety razor blade.

15 SoftGuard blades cost £20.00 so at 8 x shaves per blade that would give me 6-months shaving, £40.00 annually.

Steve has been using Feather Professional blades. They work out at £15.90 for 20 x blades assuming his shave regularity is much the same as mine, his annual cost of blades is only £31.80.

Better for my skin:

Due to the wide head, I need around 25% fewer passes to shave, that’s a good thing, fewer passes lead to less skin irritation.

Skin and Beard Suitability:

During my one-month trial period, I have mostly shaved daily Monday-Thursday and again on a Saturday and sometimes on a Sunday. I have experienced no post-shave irritation and no nicks. Steve Tinter has a much denser beard growth than I do and he reports the same.

Be patient, we cannot speed this process up. The waiting list is steadily growing, to be notified when The Claymore Evolution launches, please visit here and click on the blue coloured link ‘Notify me when this product is in stock’. We will email you the very second the razor is made live on our website.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
19th May 2021

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