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Executive Shaving offer quality, top-end shaving products and shaving accessories online, to discerning gentlemen in the UK, Europe and beyond.
All of the shaving products that are featured on the Executive Shaving website, shaving brushes, razors, head shavers, creams and mirrors to name a few are designed by the top names in gentleman's products in the UK and beyond, including Taylor of Old Bond Street, Cyril R Salter, Rooney, Proraso, Thiers Issard, Dovo of Solingen, Merkur and many others.
We also stock a range of ladies waxing, shaving and hair accessories.

Why invest in quality shaving products and accessories?

Shaving should not be a chore. Indeed, it should be a pleasure. Shaving should be a straightforward morning ritual that leaves your face feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready for whatever the day chooses to throw at you. A truly satisfying shave should take between ten and fifteen minutes and the best results are achieved when using quality shaving products and correct, tried and tested shaving techniques.

The shaving products that we feature will help you achieve the closest, freshest shave, transforming the dreaded morning shave into an enjoyable shaving ritual that you look forward to. Our quality shaving products will allow you to tackle even the heaviest growths, as well as protect the most sensitive of skins, leaving the skin on your face moisturised and feeling fresh and soft.

We believe that the shaving brush is, in fact, one of the most important shaving tools. To that end, our buyers have investigated every top shaving brush on the market and put together a wide range of fabulous hand made shaving brushes from many of the top manufacturers in the UK , including Rooney, Taylor of Old Bond Street and GB Kent. As well as feeling that a quality shaving brush is important to a close shave, it is our firm belief that quality shaving creams are the most effective product for the wet shave. We have many shaving creams on offer and many fragrances to choose from.

Shaving Products:

The Executive Shaving website is designed for ease of use, when ordering your shaving products, but if you have any questions or you wish to order over the 'phone, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0141 880 3040 (00 44 141 880 3040).

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